The Corona Diaries – Day 69

Good to see that the government have given in to pressure from Labour and the public to not charge health workers and carers for the pleasure of risking their lives.

In the States the death-toll is 96,600 and the Republicans are trying to deny the figures!! Unbelievable! They are still talking about opening up even though they are likely to get a new surge of cases. The death rate is still over a thousand a day!! No end in sight!

Meanwhile China is getting back to normal!

Are we witnessing a real change in the balance of power? America is looking down and out to me! A disaster of an economy, an unequal society, division and violence! Will they come back from this.

Here in the UK there was another 351 deaths with 2,500 new cases.  We are promised more testing and follow-up – about bloody time!!

As soon as we get organised we can end this lockdown!!

But it does appear to be getting down to levels where we can control it. As the WHO said months back TEST TEST TEST.

Johnson appears to have gone walk about! Nowhere to be seen – running away from Starmer’s questioning! Public opinion is swinging. People are finally seeing through the buffoon!!

Today I’ve been blasting Jefferson Airplane out loud!

I went for my daily walk up the hill – its a bit over three miles – a nice length. The sun was out but it was blowing a gale. But it was great to be out. Legs sandblasted with grit. Leaves and blossom blown off the trees. Quite a bit different to the stillness of yesterday!

I have another chapter of the Roy Harper book edited and the Star Sci-Fi novel is ready to go out!

Isolation continues – but with tracking and follow-up I’m beginning to see a glimmer!!

Here’s to the future – Keep Safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 69

  1. Opher glad to see Merry Ol’ England is slowly up and coming.

    But don’t you worry about the Ol’ USofA.

    Our new plan to get rid of THE ORANGE DUMP is by all of us dying! That will show him!

  2. In my state, we closed down for 5 weeks and have been in the process of opening back up for a couple of weeks now. In another few weeks things will be back to where they were. It’s been so crazy. People get mad if you have a mask on, but then if you don’t have one on other people are mad. I never know what to do because I can’t make everyone happy lol.

    1. Strange times! I think you have to do what you think is right. Wearing a mask seems right to me. One thing is certain and that is that you can never make everyone happy.

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