12 thoughts on “Companies with tax havens should expect no State help – Pass it on!

  1. Sounds like a great idea to me Opher! Such companies, having contributed so little to the public purse, can draw on their own reserves rather than plunder the tax-payer’s coffers.

    I hope post-Covid, new rules will be established to outlaw tax-avoidance. The wealthy should rightfully pay their way.


    1. That is an absolute must for me. It really rankles that tax for the rich is optional! I think we, the people, should storm the Cayman Islands and take all our wealth back!
      (Where is the capital of Britain – in the Cayman Islands!)

    1. And I think it has become so instilled. People are not aware of what is being done to them. The media puts such a spin on things.
      Where is the new radicalism?

  2. Every now and then the media reveal a small glimpse of what is a much larger picture, but it receives little print room and only passing attention.

    Where is the new radicalism? Indeed, where?! For all intents and purposes we don’t even have an opposition party rightfully holding the Tories to account. Can you honestly see a knight of the realm – Kier Starmer – being representative of the working man or interested in progressive politics steering a course for the betterment of all? ‘It seems to me ‘New’ Labour are quickly becoming more and more right-wing: for all intents and purposes they are red Tories. One wonders who actually payrolls them?


    1. There is the dilemma for Labour – to be true to its antiestablishment philosophy, suffer the tirade of abuse from the media and end up unelectable – or to support the establishment and become watered down Tories and electable.
      It’s a dire choice.

      1. Agreed, it is a dire choice!

        Despite the perpetual social injustices brought about by successive Tory governments, laid bare in tabloids and mainstream media during their abysmal handling of the Covid pandemic, opinion polls suggest this self-serving, capitalist-driven, spin-happy government are supported by a small majority of the U.K public! When will the U.K electorate wake up and smell the coffee?

        Lest we also forget the dismal pantomime that is Brexit has yet to play-out and hangs over all of our heads like Damocles’s sword.

        Dire times indeed,


      2. We do appear to have developed a mindless population, easily influenced by the propaganda put out through the media, obsessed with celebrity, soaps, TV garbage, Pop music, trivia and hedonistic shallowness. It seems they’ve been hypnotised into a stupor.

      3. Many people I speak to have lost faith in politicians of all persuasions. Whilst acknowledging we are led by the blind, apathy and sense of powerlessness seems to prevail.

        You are right, discernment and skepticism have given way to gullibility.

        God help us all if we ever become the 51st state of America.


      4. Papers are reporting UK, U.S trade talks are taking place as we write. ‘Tis nothing more than nails being driven into the U.K’s coffin. Europe’s ‘Little Singapore’ is nigh: a tax-haven for the rich, deregulated markets flooded with cheap needless goods and public services costing us an arm ‘n’ a leg!

        How did it come to this!


      5. I think there are millions of people who will live to rue their decisions – voting for Brexit and Tories!!

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