Poetry – friendship



Sunshine entering the room,

Lightening one’s step,

Lifting spirits,

Directing mind.



Freedom to be yourself,

To say anything

With complete security.

Exchanging jokes,

Knowing smiles,


From shared experience.

At ease,

With light asides,

Deep argument,

Emanating from common history.


A past

A future

And a present.


Melting into cells,

Empowering strength

Donating energy

Pouring forth

In torrents of laughter.


Opher – 2.1.2020



Friends are for life even after they are no longer with us.

They do not have to be here. They can be distant or gone. But they are still inside you.

Friends are chemical. They change your brain like an addictive drug with no harmful effects. They propel you up.

They are family.

30 thoughts on “Poetry – friendship

  1. What a wonderful poem! “Torrents of laughter”! Yes!! 😀☀️ Opher, this poem is a wonderful tribute to friends! They are irreplaceable and precious! They truly are Family! And there are so many more friends to be made for people who need them! 😊 Very nice poem!🙌

      1. And Visa Versa yes Opher!? 🙂 To help our people feel uplifted is a gift in return to life itself!!☀️ I do hope that you are smiling today… if even just for the hell of it! 😀🤭

      2. I did Myth!! Writing, travelling, reading, photographing, love, good food, good wine and friends. What could possibly be better?

      3. Salted caramel, oh yeah, that too! Yum! When I moved up here to the mountains I discovered that flavor oh man so good, first spoonful dug right into the swirl of caramel! 😊😋

      4. I think ice-cream is part of my downfall! I(‘m starting a health and fitness campaign. I’ve put on much too much weight!

      5. Ah but Opher, you can still have your ice cream and eat it too😊… walking, exercise, and all those things that keep you in comfortable shape, and you can walk off those calories due to yummy Luxury Ice Cream! ☀️😃

      6. Then Opher my friend…one step at a time! Bring happy thoughts and the love in your heart along for support and a rewarding outcome!! 😀☀️

      7. I just wish I’d had a decent camera back in the sixties and taken photos of the bands, friends and events. Boy would that have been something. I didn’t get going with photography until the 80s. It was too expensive.

      8. Right!? What an era to have been a photographer, or even a journalist. The music, The Manson family, Haight-Ashbury, just the whole gig, the whole movement! Opher, did you ever see Jim Morrison in concert?

      9. Just the once. I have an image of him falling to the ground in that execution sequence in Unknown Soldier. So many people I wish I’d seen a lot more of.

      10. …and yes dear man, I would be absolutely devastated without my friends and all of their amazing contributions to the well-being of my spirit! ☀️

  2. Yes, despondent can be devastating. I just signed on, I haven’t been here for a while but when I read this I had to chuckle. Every now and then I disappear from everyone for a while just to recuperate in my own living, and reflect on everything. Well just the other day all of a sudden everyone showed up at my door,and have been calling my sons and worrying where I’ve been! So there you go… friends are crucial, they look out for us and we love them for it!☀️ Enjoy your writing! Oh, and by the way…You got to see Jim Morrison in concert!? Nice!

      1. Ah Opher, my words are true! Your writing is filled with articulation from experience , and for seekers of new thought! It would be amazing if people would learn to read without judgment. ☀️ I am also enjoying the softer side of you
        expressed in your poetry.

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