The Wine Wankers – cartoons

A collection of fun wine images

After the success of our “Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas” post that was full of fun Christmas wine related images (in which you can have a look at by clicking here), I thought I’d share another lot of the fun wine related images that have come through our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

I wish I could credit the brilliant minds behind these but unless it’s on the image that important fact has been lost through time.





somee-winemuga-Bring-Wine a-DungBeetles a-easy-choice-winery-realist-1-800x416 afrencharmyknife  a-Half_Full_Empty_Quote_Wine a-hard-worka_hotdog a-merlot-little anotsureabout

at-my-age a-very-funny-pics-health-and-beauty-wine-shelves a-wine-aerobics-stu a-wine-aerobocs-purple awinechair a-wine-dandya-wine-dog-lips awinefixed a-wine-flowchart a-wine-newyears-corks a-wine-say-when awinetaster

2 thoughts on “The Wine Wankers – cartoons

  1. Well, at least there was no attack of Mayor Pete for fundraising in a “wine cave.” I think Elizabeth Warren was upset over it because Mayor Pete had drank better wine than she has. I rather doubt Mayor Pete, as president would go: “Oh we drank some wine together in the wine cave, you’re now secretary of State.” See how silly politics has gotten stateside? Constant “purity tests” will send Trumpy back for fourever more years…

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