Poetry – Reeling it in

Reeling it in


I’m reeling in the line.

I can glimpse the end

And will soon know

The size of the catch.


I know it will be small,

If anything at all,

Yet I continue

To reel in hope.


For no matter

How limited

The catch,

It is better than nothing.


And if millions

Of us are all


It might just

Be enough.


Opher 22.12.2019



Looking back at the achievements of a life is a sobering experience. It has gone so quickly and there is so little to show for it. The results of one’s efforts are meagre.

Some say that it is not worth the effort, that it is best to focus on oneself and not bother; that we cannot make a difference. The world carries on with its cruelty and destruction and we are powerless. By worrying about it we only serve to make ourselves miserable.

But I am reeling in my line. I am still pulling on the rod. The end is in sight now.

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