Photography – The Waddeston Manor 1870

Photography – The Waddeston Manor 1870

Nothing illustrates the inequality in the world so much as the lavish homes of the super-rich.

Waddeston was built by Baron Rothschild in 1870 in order to display his art collection and entertain. The wine cellar still contains 10,000 bottles of quality wines (Chateau Lafite and Mouton). One can only imagine the homes of the working people and the number of servants necessary to maintain this huge estate. The house was so far away it could not be seen and we had to be bussed in from the carpark.

We were passing and dropped in to get some food. We had National Heritage cards so it was free entry. Quite a sight.

P1110248 (2)

I love trees.

P1110210 (2) P1110211 (2) P1110212 (2) P1110217 (2) P1110218 (2)

Wine bottles.

P1110219 (2) P1110221 (2)

I’m not sure what bird this was – a kite?

P1110224 (2) P1110226 (2)

These were the stables

P1110228 (2) P1110229 (2)

An accurate portrayal of Baron Rothschild?

P1110230 (2) P1110231 (2) P1110232 (2) P1110234 (2)

The buttery.

P1110236 (2) P1110237 (2) P1110240 (2) P1110241 (2) P1110243 (2)

An extensive estate.

P1110244 (2) P1110246 (2)

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