How to write the most Popular Blog – the definitive answer.

How to write the most Popular Blog – the definitive answer.


Having been blogging for two years now and had the opportunity to look at a great number of highly successful sites I think I now have a handle on what it is that makes a blog popular or unpopular.

Here are my observations:

  • Do not write anything controversial
  • Avoid Religion and Politics
  • Write about celebrity trivia
  • Write about food, the latest fashion, make-up, shopping and what you had to eat last night.
  • Write about hanging out with your mates at the shopping mall.
  • Write about buying stuff.
  • Write about love.
  • Write about fate that always finds a way through – with happy endings.
  • Do not write about war, starvation, inequality or environmental destruction.
  • Write about heart-warming stories of good prevailing over evil.
  • Write about comedy films, soap operas, strictly,  light reading and TV soaps.
  • Avoid heavy literature, Arty films or anything with depth.
  • Write upbeat poems – full of humour.
  • Put in cartoons.
  • Have lots of humour – slapstick and silliness.
  • Write about current Pop Music.
  • Do not mention viruses, guns, rape, terrorism, Brexit, Trump or scary stuff.
  • Write about winning lots of money – and how to win lots of money.
  • Write about style, make-up and being trendy.
  • Do not mention illness, disability or misery.
  • Avoid swearing and real sex.
  • Do not write about cruelty, the extermination of animals or the climate crisis.
  • Write about sexy boyfriends/girlfriends and stars – but in a ‘nice’ way.
  • Write about nice homes and fast cars.
  • Do not mention death.
  • Be aware that most people want to live in a bubble that is nice, shallow and shared, where everything is pleasant, fun and romantic. They are happy being entertained and consuming. They do not want the real world to intrude.

Well that’s me done for! Can’t say that I do anything right in terms of gaining popularity.

But then I can’t see the point of blogging if all you ever do is trivial and pointless.

Who cares about popularity!!!

If you ain’t got PASSION and PURPOSE you’re wasting your life!!


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