The Hull Blitz – Commemoration of the events over 75 years ago – 400 deaths.

The Hull Blitz – Commemoration of the events over 75 years ago – 400 deaths.


Between May the 3rd and May the 9th 1941 Hull was systematically blitzed by the German Luftwaffe. It had strategic importance as a port and they attempted to take it out of commission. In that week there were 400 civilian deaths and huge amount of damage to housing.

During the war my mother-in-law told me she was bombed out of three houses. They used to hide under a big metal table for protection. I used to joke with her that the Luftwaffe were after her. She told me that Hull was the most bombed city in Britain. She was right.

Extract from Wikipaedia –

Hull was the most severely damaged British city or town during the Second World War, with 95 percent of houses damaged.[1] Hull had more than 1,000 hours spent under air raid alerts.[2] Hull was the target of the first daylight raid of the war and the last piloted air raid on Britain.[1]

Of a population of approximately 320,000 at the beginning of the war, approximately 152,000 were made homeless as a result of bomb destruction or damage.[3] Overall almost 1,200 people were killed and 3,000 injured by the air raids.[4]

More than 5,000 houses were destroyed and half of the city centre destroyed. The cost of bomb damage was estimated at £20 million (1952, £518,985,637 as a consumer price equivalent), with 3,000,000 square feet (280,000 m2) of factory space, several oil and flour mills, the Riverside Quay and 27 churches, 14 schools or hospitals, 42 pubs and 8 cinemas ruined; only 6,000 out of the 91,000 houses were undamaged at the end of the war.[5][6] The extent of the damage was similar to that of the Plymouth Blitz.[5]

Despite the damage the port continued to function throughout the war.

Let us hope that we’ll never have a war like that again!

4 thoughts on “The Hull Blitz – Commemoration of the events over 75 years ago – 400 deaths.

  1. Remembering those dead, seemingly so long ago, but really just yesterday. On November 14, 2020 will mark the 80th of the Coventry Blitz. Hitler would discover it would take more to break the British. Now, it’s not Hitler that will break the British, but Boris Johnson. LOL And he won’t need a massive fleet of bombers.

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