How the establishment handle anyone different – eg. Jeremy Corbyn.

How the establishment handle anyone different – eg. Jeremy Corbyn.

There is a consistent message coming across throughout the media (including the supposedly unbiased BBC) that Jeremy is unelectable, too extreme, friends of terrorists, irrational, hated by his own party, and has insane policies.

The recent elections are a good example – portrayed by the media as a disaster for Labour (focussing largely on Scotland).

In truth –

Labour won quite handsomely. Retained control of councils. Many more seats than the Tories. Ahead on the votes 31% to 30%. Maintained the same level as under Milliband (and Milliband lost when he should have won, simply because he was too wet to be a Prime Minister).

Instead of reporting the facts they sniped at Corbyn with challenges for the leadership and the disunity in the party.

So who do they want? The establishment does not want someone who might challenge the status quo which benefits the establishment (super-rich). They want another watered-down Tory like Blair.

The trouble is that the Labour Party has been taken over by watered down Tories. It’s time they stopped rankling and all got together to take on the real enemy – the Tories – who are busy dismantling the welfare state and public services and putting money in the pockets of their chums.

I think the whole media (including the BBC) is corrupt. People are being manipulated.

The rich get richer. The disabled and poor pick up the bill. Austerity is going one way.

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