Anecdote – The motor-biker and the cat.

Anecdote – The motor-biker and the cat.

When I was a young man living in London I had very long hair and used to go in to work on my motorbike, complete with leather boots and leather jacket. I had a great 350cc Enfield with ape-hangers and used to love weaving in and out of the traffic jams and breezing along with my hair flying loose behind me.

I had a job in a college, while I did my research, where I had been put in charge of the Animal House. I used to love animals. I took care of them. The downside was that I also had to kill them when they were needed for experiments. But I figured I could at least give them a happy life while they were alive.

One morning, making my way through the rush-hour, I saw a cat dash out in the road and get hit by a car. The back wheel went right over its head.

I pulled in and went over to it. It was mewing horribly and trying to drag itself to the pavement. Its back was broken and its rear completely limp. There was blood coming from its ears and it was obvious to me that it was distressed, in agony and did not have long for this universe. Making a quick judgement I quickly dispatched it on the kerb.

It was only then that I looked up to find a whole bus queue looking aghast at me. They had just witnessed a Hell’s Angel dash a poor cat’s brains out in front of them.

I quickly got back on my bike and drove away.

What would you have done?

6 thoughts on “Anecdote – The motor-biker and the cat.

  1. Hey Opher – Hmm, not sure I’d have had the ability to be so compassionate and put the poor thing out of its misery myself. Most certainly I’d have taken it to a vets to be put to sleep although I doubt the cat would have been alive upon arrival. ‘Tis a sad tale indeed.


    1. I think in those situations you work on some automatic response. I always seem to go into a very cold calculating mode when faced with crisis like this. I suppose being a zoologist helps. I sort of assess the situation and work out the best action. There was no hope for the cat and it was in agony. I did not think there was any other option.

  2. That poor cat would have thanked you for your compassionate act. What people see out of context can lead to some very seriously flawed perceptions.
    But tell me, what on earth are ape-hangers? I doubt they are monkeys clinging to your handlebars, which is the image I have floating around in my head…..

    1. Hi Raili – yes I wouldn’t have done it differently. But I can see the way some people might have viewed it.
      Ape-hangers are long extended handlebars (a bit like Easy Rider) which you have to reach up for.

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