A Graceful Exit

I need a dumptruck Mama!!

Every Day Another Story

Toni Schwartz, the ghost writer for Trump’s The Art of the Deal, said several years ago that he felt sure Trump probably didn’t think he would get elected, and that he was just looking for a way to get out of the White House – and be able to claim a victory. Really, it would be the best move he could make now. Just resign. Like Nixon. He could even try to cut some deal for himself. However such a scenerio is about as likely as the old proverbial snowball in hell, or maybe it’s hen’s teeth. Even his lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen publicly stated that he feared his old boss would not leave office willingly – even if voted out. We’re gonna need a shovel. Dump Trump. Let’s see people in the thousands marching in the streets demanding his immediate resignation.

P.S. The Bumbastories editorial staff, and that includes…

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