The British Political Parties – Labour Party – What they stand for and where they came from.

The British Political Parties – Labour Party – What they stand for and where they came from.


Disclaimer – I would consider myself a left-wing moderate and pragmatist. While I will try to be objective and impartial one must always bear that in mind when reading further. My bias may subconsciously select words for me.


It is quite apparent to me, from my years in education, that the majority of people do not have a clue as to what the political parties stand for. Their philosophy has become shrouded in obfuscation. All the politicians are interested in is power and that means votes. In order to get elected they have to compromise and disguise their intent. That is politics.


I am attempting to state clearly, simply and objectively what the main parties stand for and where they came from.


The Labour Party.


The Labour Party are a centre/left party.


They came out of an amalgamation of the Socialist Party and the Trade Union movement of the late 19th Century. They were founded in 1900.


They were formed in order to give working men a voice in parliament and fight for reforms that would improve the conditions and pay of working people.


The Labour Party is a broad church ranging from extreme socialists to moderate social democrats.


They believe in social ownership of the means of production – ie. State ownership.


They believe in the principle of – ‘To each according to his contribution’ and/or ‘From each according to ability; to each according to need’. That is basically a fairer distribution of the wealth of the nation.


They embraced social concerns to improve the lot of ordinary people – environmentalism, feminism, and liberalism.


They oppose the premise of capitalism.


They believe in government intervention in business, taxation to provide services, redistribution of wealth, rights for working people and a welfare state.


Nb. No doubt my political friends of a left-wing bias will put me right on a few of my assertions!

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