A Pathway – a poem

A Pathway


Everything’s a pathway.

Love’s a pathway

Writing love’s a pathway

Thinking love’s a pathway

Tasting tea’s a pathway

Moving my arm’s a pathway

Hearing words – a pathway

There is nothing that exists that is not a pathway

Reality is merely a pathway

The universe lives within my head.


Opher 24.8.2019



I sometimes wonder if I exist at all? Or if the universe exists?

All I know, see, feel or hear is a neuronal pathway in my brain.

Each aspect of the universe sparks a unique firing of brain cells as electricity flows along its pattern – its pathway.

Each aspect of the world stimulates a different firing, a different circuit.

All we have is in our head.

If we were clever enough we could feed in the patterns of a different universe.

What is real?

We do not really see.

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