Beauty – a poem



Beauty in a face

A sunset and a tree

Beauty is a state

Decided by you and me


A scene that moves to awe

A sunset over sea

A flower or a baby

Water lapping lazily


On some we agree

On others are unsure

For beauty is degree

We create aesthetics for


Opher 24.8.2019



Nature is my awe and beauty. To watch wild creatures fills me with excitement. That never dims.

Trees, rocks, mountains, sunsets and rainbows. So many things are breath-taking.

Then there is the beauty of art, music, dance, drama and architecture. I adore the things we have created. It is the best of us.

People are also beautiful.

When you see real beauty it fills you with wonder.

But when you come to analyse what is beautiful and what is not things become blurred. We have different views.

What makes something beautiful?

I'd like to hear from you...

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