Photography – Beatles in Liverpool

Photography – Beatles in Liverpool

I had to go on the Beatles tour didn’t I?

DSC_0502DSC_0573 DSC_0574

I think this was George’s place

DSC_0577 DSC_0581 DSC_0586 This was John’sDSC_0589  This was Paul’s


Ringo’s was all boarded up!!


The Cavern – where it all happened.

DSC_0599 DSC_0607

It was great fun and interesting to see where they all came from.

14 thoughts on “Photography – Beatles in Liverpool

      1. Opher, here is an “It happened like this” story: Everyone knows I have been a huge Beatles fan since ‘63. Music is in my blood. It’s a long and good list. One evening, at a cocktail party with good friends, the subject of music came up. I asked Marie if she liked the Beatles. She said, “Not really. I visited my good friend in London when I was in high school. She adored the Beatles. She suggested we go to The Cave (now I know she was wrong, and it is The Cavern.). I really didn’t care, but she wanted to go. And guess what? The Beatles were performing.” Opher, I was standing there, glass of wine in hand, smiling and nodding. I wanted to squeeze the glass so hard it would break. She could have cared less, yet she was there. Inside I was reduced to a jealous teenager who wanted to stomp and yell. Outside I was the lovely lady, of course. So now you know my Beatles tragedy story. That was the first of two.

      2. I know just how you must have felt. One of my colleagues was a bit older than me and had been at college. A bunch of the students wanted to go to a dance so he offered to drive the van. It was the Rolling Stones right back at the beginning. He popped his head in then went out to the van and sat out there to read!!

      3. Oh, no!!! 😩 Somehow knowing I’m not alone makes it a little better. But, it was far worse for him, as he was RIGHT THERE! Thanks, Opher.

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