Nick Harper at O’Riley’s Hull – Photos

This was Nick with a difference. The first half was a sit down recall of his early days as a child living with his father Roy and mother Mocy at 58 Fordwich Road in Kilburn complete with props and the appropriate gear.

It provided an opportunity for Nick to reminisce about the many, now famous or infamous, people who came to call, to provide anecdotes, talk about them and play some of the incredible songs they were renowned for. It was also a means for Nick to pay tribute to the great musician that is his father Roy Harper.

Thus we were regaled with the wonders of Bert Jansch Strolling Down the Highway, John Renbourn’s medieval music, Jackson C Frank’s incredible Blues Run the Game, Paul Simon’s Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, Davey Graham’s groundbreaking Anji (or Angie as it is sometimes recorded) and Sandy Denny’s beautiful Who knows where the time goes.

Included in this was the song My Friend written by Roy for the departure of Jackson heading back to the States. It is the first time I have heard that performed since 1967. Fabulous. It all took me back. It was where I first met Nick – he must have been all of three!

It was an enthralling insight from which we all learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

The second set was back to Nick at his angriest and most brilliant with great performances of Lies Lies Lies, the Magnificent G7 and Roy’s Highway Blues. The man’s a genius!!

The end of the set, the encore was a version of Moon River – it turns out that Danny Williams was also a denizen of 58 Fordwich Road. The place deserves a Blue Plaque!!


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