What should we do with returning ISIS extremists?

We have hundreds of British Muslims who left Britain to fight with the disgusting death cult.

We have a number of British girls who went out to marry ISIS fighters.

They were all full of fanatical fervour. They were going to set up a Caliphate and then force their brand of Islam to the world. They were full of their hatred for the West and all we stood for.

Many have been killed and the others are either captured or are fleeing.

What should we do with these extremists?

Shamima Begum is one such example. She left with her two friends to join ISIS, married one of the extremists, has had two children, both of whom have died, and is heavily pregnant again.

Now she wants to come back. Not because she has had a Damazine moment. She is completely unrepentant about joining with the terrorist ISIS scum. She claims to have seen bins of severed heads and be unfazed. It doesn’t sound to me that she is the kind of person we want in this country. She is a risk and opposes all the tenets of freedom by which this society is based.

The reason she wants to come back is because she thinks this third baby will die as well. She now wants us to care for her. Shouldn’t she have thought about that before?

Is that a good reason for us to have her back?

Should we let her into the country?

Do we want ISIS terrorists here?

But she is British. Her baby is British. Should we take the baby back and put it in care?

Should she be prosecuted for being a member of a terrorist group?

In my opinion anybody who has gone to join a terrorist group like ISIS should be prosecuted and locked up! We don’t want them and their evil ideology.

3 thoughts on “What should we do with returning ISIS extremists?

  1. I agree that they should be prosecuted and punished if guilty. However, I think this is only likely to happen if we get them here to do it. It is too easy and wrong to say “good riddance” however tempting it may be

    1. Hen – that is true and I think there is a big debate to be had around this. Part of me says that if someone chooses to fight with an enemy of our country (or support the fighters) they are traitors and should be tried as such. Part of me says she was a young gullible girl. Part of me asks why she wants to live here when her espoused values and lifestyle are so different?
      Perhaps she should be allowed back and put on trial?

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