Trolling on my blog.

Dear friends and followers,

I would like to thank you for your support. Presently my bog is being subjected to a series of abusive trolling. I hope this does not intrude into your appreciation of the content.

I am being subjected to death threats, threats to my house, derogatory personal abuse and puerile comments.

I have a zero tolerance to trolls. I will delete all comments of a derogatory nature and people guilty of trolling. While I do not wish to suppress debate I will not allow my followers to be abused or for myself to have to put up with a stream of nastiness.

In the meantime I am taking action. I am retaining the comments and threats. I have an IT expert who is investigating the IP addresses – I believe they are come from one source. I am involving the police. Harassment is an offence but I believe that death threats are taken very seriously. Fortunately I have friends who are solicitors and a relative who is a DI. We’ll see what comes from this.

This trolling is designed to cause upset and prevent me speaking. I refuse to be bullied.

I am taking this very seriously and am not prepared to accept abuse. Freedom is too important.

Thank you for your continuing support.

14 thoughts on “Trolling on my blog.

    1. Thanks Ellem. It is a coordinated attack under many different assumed names. It is very annoying. I just hope it doesn’t upset all my genuine followers. Thanks for your support.

      1. Never mind Linda. We just have to ensure that they don’t win. My solicitor friend says we’ve got a good case that the police will go for. My IT guy is coming round this week and we’ll get the evidence. We’ll see where this goes. Death threats are not to be taken lightly.

      2. Linda – it is very hard to understand what makes some people tick. They get a kick out of being nasty or upsetting people. That’s life. That’s humanity.

    1. Very unpleasant Jenny. But that’s life. Some people seem to get pleasure out of being malicious. We’ll see what transpires when my IT guy gets to work. I think I know what the outcome of that will be and my relative, the DI (Detective Inspector), was very interested in the threats. It could prove interesting. We’ll see.

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