David Attenborough?? Is he right??

Is David Attenborough a shill for the global elite?

Is he simply misguided?

Or does he, after spending a lifetime working with nature, know what he’s talking about?

David says that we are facing the greatest threat for thousands of years. He states that the planet is warming. That this warming is so extreme that it will lead to the collapse of civilisation and the extinction of the natural world.

There will stronger and stronger storms. Droughts, floods, heatwaves, changes in air and sea currents, extreme weather and freezing winters.

Ice caps will melt leading to the rising of sea levels by tens of metres that will put our cities and fertile land under water. Low-lying countries will disappear altogether. Wildlife will be decimated. It will lead to mass migrations, starvation and the breakdown of civilisation.


NASA provides an excellent course module on the science of global warming.

climate change
(Source: NASA)

climate change

CO2 is now the highest it has been for 3 million years.

According to the UN report we now have just 12 years to get these carbon dioxide levels down or we face catastrophe.

Are the UN being alarmist?

So is NASA lying?

Is Attenborough a dupe?

Or is global warming a real and terrible threat?

I'd like to hear from you...

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