I’ve been writing!!

For those of you that might have noticed that my original posts have been sparse – there is a reason!

I have been busy writing!

In the past four months I have actually produced 3 new Sci-fi novels. One seemed to spark the other!

I wrote Conexion back a while ago. Then I wrote God’s Bolt. Discussing God’s Bolt with my editor led to the next. He suggested that I looked at the story from the other end – the alien perspective. That led to a sequel – God’s Bolt – Unfinished Business.

When I get the ideas flooding in I tend to write quickly (within the limitations of my one-finger typing). I actually wrote the first draft of Unfinished Business in 3 weeks. On a good day I’d get 10,000 words down.

That’s the easy and fun part. Then comes the business of redrafting, editing and honing it. That takes much longer. That is what I am doing right now!

I’ve 3 novels to redraft and edit.

It keeps me busy but it stops me blogging!

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