Writing – Now – Writing into the future as the horse slowly walks off round the bend into the sunset.

Writing – Now – Writing into the future as the horse slowly walks off round the bend into the sunset.

I worked for thirty six years teaching and I loved it. The kids were brilliant. I couldn’t have wished for a more fulfilling career. The classroom was my university. All things were possible, minds were stretched, exchanged and throttled up, awe and wonder was revealed. I learnt as much from them as they did from me. I’d come out glowing and buzzing. But all the time I was nurturing a need. I still was a writer in my head. I had written some forty books.
I promised myself that when I retired I would write, read and travel to my heart’s content.
That’s what I’m doing. This is the writing bit.
I have been retired for seven years now. My project was five fold:
Firstly I was going to write the books that were still cluttering up the attic space in my cerebrum
I was going to rewrite, edit and hone my books into a publishable standard
I was going to self-publish on CreateSpace and Kindle
I was going to market and promote my work
And lastly I was going to attempt to secure a Literary Agent or publisher to further edit and properly publish my books.
It is going to plan -ish.
Stage 1 and 2 are going nicely. I have written and rewritten to my fill. I now have around sixty books written in one form or another. I have rewritten and published about fifty.
Step 3 was great. I found it pleasurable to download my files, use my photos and art as covers and be able to hold a book in my hand; a book that has come out of an electrical blizzard in my head; a book that looked real, felt real and read well. I loved the covers I had designed and I was happy with what I had produced.
Step 4 is still to come. The blog is the only thing I’ve done in the way of marketing. I seem to spend more time writing on the blog than I do on my books – which was not the intention. But I’m enjoying it. The trouble is that I am still writing new books and still have twenty of my old ones to type up. I don’t know when I will get on to the promotion side. I find the idea daunting and a turn-off. I cannot be bothered thinking about tailoring things for a selected audience. My stuff is real. It’s the inside of my head with all the flaws and imperfections. I know I can be offensive and come over as opinionated and arrogant. I don’t think I’m arrogant. I know I’m opinionated. I like to think of myself as obsessive and passionate. I should perhaps be more professional and temper my stream of thoughts.
Writing is fun. Promoting is work.
My books are selling slowly. I get some great reviews and comments. Maybe I should move on to Step 5 and find a professional who will handle all the bits I hate doing?
I just want to write.
But I would like an audience and a small income would make a difference.
But I just like to write.
Writing – What do I need?
There are a lot of things that I need right now.
Let me count the ways:
I need the time and energy to complete my writing projects
I need a Literary Agent to appear on a great stallion with contract in hand – which says ‘Have no fear. I will take on all the rotten parts and make the stink of proof-reading, editing, marketing, selling and business all melt away’ – Sign here.
I need a publisher to arrive unbidden on a spaceship with a contract in hand which says – ‘Sign here in blood. I am desperate for sixty novels from a strange quirky man who refuses to do things the normal way, who writes about whatever comes into his head in any genre, style he likes but is authentic.’
I need clever souls who will want to read my books, proofread and edit to make them perfect.
I need hundreds of people to write brilliant reviews on Amazon.
I need thousands of people to buy my books and provide me with the audience I crave.
I need to hold my sixty precious babies, feel great about them, proud and happy, and know they are being properly cared for in new homes all over the world
I need to feel that I have contributed to a positive zeitgeist and helped change the world for the better.
That’s all. Not much to ask. Is it?

4 thoughts on “Writing – Now – Writing into the future as the horse slowly walks off round the bend into the sunset.

    1. Thank you Ginni – I greatly appreciate that. I think I’ve nearly completed this phase of my apprenticeship. Time to go forward to the next. It’s an adventure.

  1. I greatly admire your fire and drive, Opher. I hated the whole business of promotion and so I did it very poorly. I never bothered to look for an agent or publisher because I’ve been told that publishers these days leave that responsibility largely in the lap of the writer who ends up making very little money unless the book becomes a blockbuster.

    1. Well John – you know how hard it is for writers. I don’t need to tell you. We love writing. The rest of the business can be a pain. But at least we have our writing! That’s what makes it worthwhile.

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