My girlfriend rolling uphill – anecdote

My girlfriend rolling uphill


When I lived in Ilford my girlfriend, who was at Dance College in Weybridge, would come over to stay. She had a three wheeler which was made of fibreglass and was powered by a dodgy old motorbike engine that smoked and reeked.

One time she set off and got lost in the London traffic. She was getting a bit fraught and becoming worked up and in a bit of a state.

She found herself stuck in a queue on a steep hill trying to figure where she needed to turn to get to Ilford. Unfortunately she hadn’t applied the hand-brake too well and while she was studying the map the car went back and hit the car behind.

It was only a minor bump with no damage done. He fibreglass toy was not heavy enough to inflict damage. Having get herself into a bit of a state this was all she needed. She thought the best course of action was to try and pretend it had not happened. As she made no attempt to get out of the car the guy behind angrily got out and peered in at her through the glass of her window.

She tried to ignore him as he tapped on her window, studying her map but he was persistent. Eventually she wound the window down.

‘I think you have just rolled back into me,’ he stated angrily.

She looked back innocently at him and said ‘I think you probably rolled forward into me.’

He stood for a moment befuddled, looking back at the steep hill and the car. Then he shrugged and went back to his car.

When she finally arrived and related it to me I could not stop laughing. Only a young girl could get away with something like that. I could picture it in my head. Hilarious. Or is that just me?

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