What Kids Need For The Future!

Well it is easy to start with what they obviously do not need: they do not need to memorise vast amounts of knowledge. We live in the age of easy access to knowledge.

All knowledge is there at the tip of our fingers (or tongue – just ask Alexa). Our smartphones conjure it out of the air. We have no need to hold it all in our heads.

What we need is understanding, teamwork, curiosity, creativity, self-esteem, industriousness, energy, compassion, drive, lateral thinking, critical thinking, computer skills, personal skills, social skills, flexibility and the ability to motivate ourselves and others.

So why are our schools dumping creativity, group work, investigation and computers in favour of rote memory and crude 1950s examinations?

We can’t conquer the new world with the skills of the old can we? We surely need to lay the foundation for the skills of the future.

2 thoughts on “What Kids Need For The Future!

    1. The trouble is that it is run by short-sighted politicians for political ideological reasons. We need educationalists with sound far-reaching strategy.

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