Adjunct to Who Am I? – Some of what I believe.

Of course all that basic philosophy requires pragmatic conditions:

I believe in people having medical care but there are limits to the costs.

I believe that sex is good and healthy but not coercive sex, violence or irresponsible sex.

I believe in sex education – teaching children to respect, have emotion empathy, be responsible about disease and pregnancy and be able to talk openly about sex.

I believe a female has the choice on abortion but should behave responsibly and use contraception. Every child should be wanted and abortion is not a form of contraception.

I believe that what two consenting adults want to do is up to them, that homosexuality is natural and that nobody has the right to restrict their freedoms.

I believe all religions are manmade. All the holy books are full of cultural baggage that is often stuffed with racism, intolerance, homophobia and misogyny. A person should be free to believe what they like and not impose that on others – particularly children.

I believe that all people deserve good education and that this should be creative, investigative, child centred and not merely stuffing facts into heads for examinations.

I believe that people like the founding fathers of America are interesting but I take them with a pinch of salt. They came from a different age where racism, slavery and misogyny were intrinsic to society and could have no idea of what life now would be like with such huge numbers, polluting cities, pluralistic societies, television, phones, automatic rifles, plastic explosives, women’s rights, cars, planes and fast travel, social media and computers. They wouldn’t have a clue. We live in a vastly different world.

I believe that our dramatic increase in numbers is creating mass poverty, mass migration and destroying the natural world. I believe it is the biggest problem facing mankind.

I believe our pollution is affecting ecosystems across the planet, we are destroying habitats and we are driving many species towards extinction. We are affecting the climate of the planet and disrupting local weather.

2 thoughts on “Adjunct to Who Am I? – Some of what I believe.

  1. You know, I think everyone could benefit from writing down their “creed”, so to speak. So many people have absolutely NO clue what they believe. So how can they compare logically when trying to listen to someone else’s ideas?

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