Neolithic Burial Mounds in Scotland and the Orkneys.

Scotland, like Ireland, Cornwall and Wales, is a treasure trove of great Neolithic sites.

I certainly enjoy exploring the old burial mounds and standing stones. There is a strong vibe of connection to the past.

17 thoughts on “Neolithic Burial Mounds in Scotland and the Orkneys.

  1. Love this, Opher. I have been to Scotland once, and spent a whole day walking across farms in search of standing stones and stone circles. Didn’t see any burial mounds. Really cool to see here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Opher, we have an inquiry, an unusual inquiry all the same.
    My granddaughter was having a look at your photographs, scanning them into full and we were talking about them. Anyway, the last one of yourself immersing from that dank hole – eh, this is when daughter squealed out laughing hysterically “Look, has he peed his trousers?” ??? So naturally on closer inspection I had a good gander too, and lo… any ideas? The expression on your face maybe an indication!

    1. LOL – I see what you mean. I can reassure you that that wasn’t the case though. I can’t quite remember what happened. I think it was probably the water dripping in. Glad it gave you a laugh though.

    1. Because that is the whole point of history Anna. We learn from it so that we don’t have to relive the same mistakes – except that we don’t seem to have learnt. We carry on making the same mistakes.

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