The Gordian Fetish – the story behind the cover.

I have been writing novels/books now for fifty years and have accumulated 56 of them. This book is a departure from all the others. I felt that I have reached the point where I wanted to make a different statement.

Having so many books is a bit off-putting to people. They become confused. I felt that I needed to separate out the genres and focus on just the best. My books are my babies. They have been gestated out of the currents of my mind where they were conceived and nurtured, sometimes for decades, before being born into the world. They are all precious to me. But I do have to concede that they are not all of the same magnitude.

Up until now I have released them all for my own delight. I have adorned them with covers of my design featuring my own art and photography. That has been both fun and I felt created a distinctive individuality. Though some have commented that they do not create quite the professional nature of the novels inside.

I am setting out to address this. I want my new range of books to reflect a more professional demeanour. I have selected six of my best Sci-fi books to released in a new form under this new pen name. My new Sci-fi novel – The Gordian Fetish – is the first of these.

The cover is the first to feature a more conventional, modern design. What do you think? I am looking to break with the past and set out on a new journey.

It can be purchased in both paperback and digital versions:

In the UK:

In the USA:

Elsewhere in the world – please check with your local Amazon or Ebay.

2 thoughts on “The Gordian Fetish – the story behind the cover.

  1. I think the cover is beautiful. It speaks modern and professional. I think you made a very wise decision. Will be curious to see how it affects your sales. When I get a few extra bucks I’ll buy this one.

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