A Selection of Reviews for my books in the UK – Green – a Sci-Fi novel

This is a Sci-fi novel. It has received great acclaim.


2 June 2016

Format: Paperback
I am so pleased that I discovered Opher Goodwin’s Sci Fi books. I only enjoy Sci Fi if it is of good quality and well written, and Opher’s books are up there with the best of them. I have now read several, and found them all to be great reads – and ‘Green’ is no exception. It is very well written and is so imaginative – I don’t know where Opher gets all his ideas from, but there are lots of great, thought provoking moments in this book. If you are looking for some top quality Sci Fi, something a little different and more importantly original, I can really recommend this book. I loved it, and feel sure that it will inspire lots more discerning readers to read Opher’s other books as well.
mr m g green

26 May 2016

Format: Kindle Edition
What a breath of fresh air, a new science fiction writer. I approached this with some trepidation as I’ve been let down before with unknown writers but I knew from the first couple of pages this was different. Opher’s style was so refreshing his storytelling held my attention from moment I started reading. The way he developed the story and the characters in it revealed great maturity for a new writer. I can recommend this to anyone who may be a little hesitant in trying something new.
Nikki Bennett

4 July 2016

Format: Paperback
I’m not normally that enthused to read Sci-Fi books, but, having read other books by Opher – In Search of Captain Beefheart and Ebola in the Garden of Eden, I decided to give this a go. I was pleased and surprised how engrossed I became, and am sure fans of Sci-Fi will greatly enjoy it, too.
Loz.M – Fleet,Hants

31 May 2016

Format: Paperback
A gripping and interesting read, would highly recommend!
Pete 2 Sheds

25 July 2016

Format: Paperback
A great clever read. very thought provoking. Another good book from this new and prodigious writer. I look forward to the next book.

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