The problems with the NHS!

The NHS was voted the best health service in the world. But certainly it has been under strain and is not coping. The reasons are quite easy to understand:

The dedicated staff are being worked to death. They are understaffed. There aren’t enough beds, doctors or nurses. It is being grossly underfunded. Minor injuries units are being shut down all over the country. There is creeping privatisation. Nurses are leaving in droves. They are having to bring in expensive agency staff. Social care cuts are leaving elderly and disabled in hospital beds instead of being cared for at home.

The simple fact is that the Tories are making a mess of it.

Under Labour:

Fair pay for doctors and nurses.

Bursaries for nurse training

4% increase on spending per year

Social care for the elderly and those in need


Under the Tories

A 7 year pay cut for doctors and nurses

Bursaries for nurse training stopped

1% increase on spending per year

Social care budgets slashed


The Facts Speak For Themselves. You can’t trust Tories with Public Services!!


36 thoughts on “The problems with the NHS!

  1. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    This would appear to be a valid argument, but within the last Labour manifesto there were so many areas which would require an increase in costs would all be deliverable and if not which ones would be cut.

    Surely a more realistic manifesto be more deliverable and believable for it may be an impossibility to deliver on all areas of assumed injustice..

    1. Thanks for the reblog Chris. They were the only party who costed out their manifesto Chris. That costing was checked over and nobody found fault with it.

  2. Hey Opher, Namaste πŸ™‚

    Creeping privatisation of the NHS by Tory scum is only the beginning. These Fascist bastards will be lining their pockets with back-handers and/or exaggerated pay-offs from as many sources as possible: including rewards paid to those who occupy directorships of companies and ensure their longevity and financial success: a conflict of interests is prevalent amongst senior Tory sharks and for the large part the public are ignorant of this fact.

    Am I right in thinking Corbyn has demanded a Β£5 billion cash injection into the NHS?

    Mark my words, the NHS is the start of an Americanisation of the UK. The mad-dog May loves a little slice of Donnie Trump and will endeavour to promote the ‘special relationship’ the UK has with a man who loves to blow his own trumpet. Coming soon on the Mayfly’s agenda will be privatisation of the Police Force so as to ensure enforcement of more Tory death policies as they seek to erode more and more rights from the People: including the right for peaceful protest. Recent events in Manchester concerning protesters working for a bus company saw the Police using aggressive methods to disrupt a peaceful protest: rumour has it that they may have been there at the direct request of an employer suggesting that the Police are now providing a new service as mercenaries, perhaps so as to derive an income stream following savage cuts. It won’t be long until the Police are renamed the Schutzstaffel – more commonly known as the SS. Senior Police Commissionaire will then be known as ObergruppenfΓΌhrer.

    The UK is descending into a black hole and the bastards who run the country (allegedly) want to take the whole lot of us with them to hell. The Tories are nothing more than bullying ego-centric mindless Fascists, Nazi’s by any other name.

    Where are the Russians when we need to paint the town Red? I imagine they will enter the fray very soon…was not a statement made by a US Politician only recently suggesting that Russia had plans for mass murder? Does anyone actually know what this means or what it is referring to exactly? Is it political nonsense and scaremongering or is there vestige of truth somewhere in their words. Is this why the UK government insists on spending millions on Trident and deepening relationships with America? I’d not be surprised if the UK and the U.S were not prime targets for a red revolution. Perhaps Corbyn will promote relationships with allies across Europe and strengthen his hold on the UK? Who knows quite where allegiance and financial support/investment will come from next?

    Namaste Comrade Opher πŸ˜‰


      1. Indeed it is. Diabolical. Fascists transferring power and wealth upwards out of the hands of the majority and into the hands of a select few who will dictate terms to the majority.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


    1. I think you are spot on there Dewin. We are fast heading down the US road – zero hour contracts, gig economy, no employment rights, basic pay, no worker rights, no health and safety – great for the bosses making big profits but crap for everyone else!

      1. It is a dark future my friend, one that will take years to put right unless the People act now and act with deliberate wilful intent to take-down the pigs who run the country.

        Whilst workers in the UK will be subject to the despotic demands of capitalist greed the Politicians will undoubtedly still retain contracts that allow them full employment way, way above anything you and I could ever hope to have. Tory bastards have already bought the Law: there is no Law left in the UK to allow the common man success when challenging the brutality of money-grabbing shits.

        I am not permitted by my employer to disclose who I work for: I am already subject to a silencing order that removes my right to free speech under article whatever of the Human Rights Act. I challenged my employer to provide justification for this but have thus far met with silence. My employer, as all employers do, have the right to demand I meet their rules and expectations: rules that compromise my human rights and also my Constitutional Rights that I can only challenge in a Court Of Law. I step through the office door in the morning and suddenly my rights are all removed, I step foot outside the office door and my rights are returned. What an absolute fecking joke that is. What a lying conniving deceitful employer I work for, one with very close ties to government, which means of course that I am the first in line to feel the evil and wickedness of this diabolical government as their poison permeates downwards into society. It is why the managers for whom I work can also act with impunity safe in the knowledge that they will always be supported by a tyrannical regime that wishes to silence 200,000 people so as t maintain the illusion that they are an Exemplar Employer. It’s fecking diabolical.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. I think silencing orders should be illegal. They stink and are symptomatic of a regime that wants to shut people up.
        I know your work puts you closely in touch with what is really going on. We only see the outcomes and not the mechanism behind it.
        Hopefully soon we can begin to put it right.

    2. Are you not deliberately forgetting something – when you call the Tories (and I don’t support any of them) fascists/Nazis why don’t you be honest and admit that Corbyn is Anti Jewish, the proof is there for you to read. I don’t deny this Country is in a mess and that there is immense trouble brewing, it comes from those NO GO Areas in the inner Cities large Towns,. This Country’s values are being diminished our Christian Faith is being attacked every day. This is where the trouble will come from, this Government and successive Governments (like Labour) have ignored the signs and they will do until too late. Using German words like you have that are so painful not only to Jewish People but all those that suffered, and the ordinary Germans then and now, to call our Police the SS, its ridiculous and pathetic, you are fortunate to live right now in a Democratic Country.

      1. Really? Do you actually believe we have Democracy? Seriously? It is Fascism wrapped up in media lies to give an illusion of democracy.

        This government wilfully sets about creating policy that destroys, harms, and causes suffering to many thousands of people. Are you certain that that is true democracy?

        Using extreme language is not done so to cause offence – although undoubtedly it will, for which I apologise to those still sensitive to the past – but I do so to reinforce the opinion that the UK is no longer a nation able to provide adequately for the common man: it is not democratic, it has become a regime enforcing policy to empower the already rich and grossly wealthy. What other term would you wish to use to title enforcement of political agendas that require the assistance of the Police at the spurious ‘request’ of an employer? Would the term paramilitary sit better with your sensibility perhaps? If Revolution were to start from any ‘hot-spot’ in the UK there will be granted unprecedented powers to the Police, and by extension to the Armed Services as well: these powers will probably not be rescinded. I do not want to live in a country that sees Police armed with assault rifles nor do I wish to have the army on the streets either. Best advice would then be to remove the Tory government long before uprising occurs.

        What exactly do you mean by ‘No Go’ areas Are you describing inner city areas where there is a high concentration of thousands of people living in abject poverty with no future, no support, no state intervention, and no way out of the circumstances they find themselves in having been wilfully neglected and deliberately targeted by this fascist government? Are you talking about inner city areas where high concentration of foreign nationals exist side by side having been invited into the UK only to find their welcome ends the moment they seek help and support? Or perhaps you make reference to inner city areas where unemployment is high and prospects are low because there is no work to be found and no affordable housing to provide for them?

        I want to live as a freeman and that is not possible when in reality is that outside of the air we breathe, gravity and the imagination everything else costs you money and someone makes a profit from you being alive.

        I am personally not a fan of organised religion: I am a man who holds very tight to Spirituality and have great belief in the interconnectedness of all life here on Earth. That is why Truth must prevail with total impartiality and certainly without addition of dogma, belief systems or philosophy that is secular and non-inclusive. Spirituality embraces one and all as one and the same. It does not differentiate or seek to promote or undermine an individuals personal relationship with a Higher Authority. I do not need anyone on this beautiful planet called Earth to tell me what I should and shouldn’t believe in. What I would like to see however is the Church and other religious bodies coming into the political arena with the soul intention of spreading a message of Love and using their billions to help assist the most needy and make provision for those most vulnerable and despairing. So where are they when they are needed by the majority? Have they also been bought by money or have they fallen silent through fear?

        Love and Peace for a World in Pain. Namaste πŸ™‚

      1. I absolutely agree. Technology is a double-edged sword: at once a gift from Prometheus to progress civilisation as much as it will be the backbone of ruination for the majority.

        Is there a happy medium between these two opposing outcomes or will humanity be reduced to an integer value and the totality of a person diminished even further? My employer has been injecting the word ‘resource’ very regularly over the past two years when referencing staff: which I see as a deliberate attempt to indirectly disempower people’s sense of self ‘worth’ whilst focussing on their monetary ‘value’. My employer must be compensating for some inadequacy of their own by making an attempt at belittling people. From my perspective it shows a propensity towards contempt and a distancing of management away from staff: all part-and-parcel of the drive towards dehumanisation flowing unabated from government and the deliberate enforcement of a ‘them’ and ‘us’ culture much more fitting of the antiquated past we once called the Dark Ages.

        What I also see is management actively abdicating all sense of personal responsibility for staff by devolving management functions to nothing more than box-ticking whilst demanding staff take on-board more and more responsibility for their employment. I almost feel like emailing the top-dog and advising them that I am now self-employed and reliant on my employer for nothing more than money. In fact that’s not such a bad idea either: at least I can seek tax-breaks for money spent on work clothing and travel to and from my place of work. πŸ™‚

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. This is an opportunity to retrain staff into caring roles and go down to a 3 day week. What an opportunity. But instead the wealth is likely to end up in the coffers of the super-rich. There’s trouble ahead.

      3. I couldn’t afford to keep myself alive if I worked a three day week. What might be a better idea is to make every job one that is operational 24/7n thus enabling work for everyone. After-all our world is fast becoming a 24/7 world and I can think of no job that couldn’t be offered on this basis.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      4. No Dewin – with AI and automation profits would soar. The country could well afford to pay the same for 3 days. There should be no pay cut. It could be a great opportunity to create a better, more caring society, or a worse one with even greater inequality and division.

      5. I disagree with that. Technology will do away with thousands of jobs: administrators and white collar workers especially, not to mention those involved in computing functions, processing functions and tertiary industries such as retailing, but all walks of life will be greatly effected. I do not believe there will be capacity to allow people to move into new occupations, although I do believe that new occupations will present themselves but on a very small scale.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      6. That is entirely my view. There will be millions displaced by AI and automation. The ‘robots’ will be able to work 24/7 and 365 days a year. The profits will go through the roof. Either we tax those profits and put them into creating a more supportive caring society, retrain the displaced people are teachers, nurses and care workers, use that to produce a 3 day week, or we suffer the inequality and division and either have them as unemployed or shelf stuffers.

      1. Dewin: You’re a victim of your own actions. Or non-action as the case probably was as had you gained better qualifications in the first place then you wouldn’t have to schlep out working low level for a knob head.
        And, no, there’s no such thing as “not being allowed” to say who you work for unless and only unless you’ve signed the Official Secrets Act.
        Looks like you take a bullying far too easily.

      2. Hey Bill, Namaste πŸ™‚

        For someone who doesn’t know me you certainly are very quick to judge me. I hold two first-class university degrees and an MA not to mention minor qualifications gained through my working life with various employers over the past 30 years. I am one of the highest qualified members of staff at my grade in Wales.

        In working for whom I do I am ‘obliged’ and reminded very often that disclosing my employer whilst commenting on them within context of discussion that is at odds with the required ethos may lead to dismissal. I work for an organisation that actively promotes whistle-blowing, that actively manages deviants out of the business, and who bully and belittle anyone with an alternate world view to that held by the organisation. In that context the longevity of my employment would become perilous.

        Schlep out lol πŸ™‚ In actuality I am a very principled man who has walked away twice from two different occupations one might regard as a career because I just cannot tolerate the bullshit and machinations of business practice. I work now in a simple role that is still very affecting on me personally but which offers a degree of personal stability and opportunity to leave at the end of the day without bringing home the detritus of my employer to soil the mother-ship. Unlike some my job is not the primary focus of my life and it has never been the be-all-and-end-all that some choose it to be. I work because society dictates a structure that requires me to earn money to keep myself alive. Outside of that I have never had interest sufficient to warrant a job offering ‘advancement’ or whatever term you may wish to use. I work hard in my current role because I believe I am giving something back to society and in particular facilitating a better quality of life for those unable to provide for themselves.

        I have no family and no dependants and thus I’m able to embrace aspects of life that others may not have immediate access to. I’m not motivated by money, wealth or power per se although there are occasions when a little more wedge would be useful if only to escape once in a while and travel the wide-blue yonder. I find absolute and unquestionable enjoyment with my writing, my art and my poetry, and that is the direction that I wish to go and have probably spent my whole life working towards. If I can arrive one day at my choice destination, a house called The Ink Well set down on an uninhabited island in the middle of an uncharted sea then in my book I have had a successful life and can feel reasonably proud to have got to the end of it with my personal integrity intact knowing I’ve never sold my soul to the devil or to ‘the man’. Know what I mean jellybean? πŸ™‚

        And you Bill….how’s life for you? πŸ™‚

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      3. Don’t waste your time Dewin. The guy is Andy Percy who keeps coming on trolling my site under various pseudonyms. He’s thinks he’s wonderful but he’s just a pedantic Islamophobe.

  3. Labour? Are they still going?
    As far as I can remember they had a very long innings not that long ago and brought the country to its knees. I’d settle for a bit a extra waiting time at hospital than a repeat of them.

    Trouble is they’re a bunch of sleazy perverts as several are being investigated for sex offences of one degree or another such as Ed Lewis, Lord Mendelsohn and Ivan Lews – under investigation for sexual harrassmement – for the 2nd time as he’s done it before in 2008!. Carl Sergeant (died under investigation for sexual allegations some weeks ago.

    Then there’s the financial investigations into the party Chairman Ian Lavery and his 10-member Trade Union. This is the second time he’s fallen into money as the union’s Provident and Benevolent Fund bought his house!
    Two-thirds of Labour’s funds come from Trade Unions. This is a problem.

    Anti-Semitism with Ken Livingstone being ignored – but it will be dealt with eventually.

    The previous Labour Government was very busy juggling private monies by the ton shoved into the coffers of Labour’s leading light’s pockets by David Abrahams, Sir Gulam Noon, Chai Patel, Barry Townsley and Sir David Garrard. It wasn’t surprising to find out everyone had forgotten why they were there in the first place.
    Former Labour Party General Secretaries David Triesman, Matt Carver and Peter Watt all knew about it and said and did nothing, as they too left their posts considerably wealthier than from whence they came.

    Durham Green Developments was a very dirty business. Or has everybody forgotten already?

    Lobbygate, another dirty business with John Mendelsohn, Neal Lawson and Ben Lucas of LLM Communications and their “cash for access” deals.

    1. Fucking Hell Bill – a Tory who seems blind to the sexual depravity and financial crap that the Tories have been up to. But we’ll forgive Cameron putting his prick in dead pigs heads and walking off into a hugely wealthy future with the traitor Osborne (selling inside financial secrets on ways to avoid paying taxes).
      I heard exactly what Livingston said and there was nothing Anti-Semitic in it. All smoke and mirrors.
      New Labour were playing at being Tories. No surprises that they took on the other sleazy attributes too.
      Labour were born out of the Trade Union Movement – no problem there. The funding for Tories comes straight from the wealthy elite who run the media and run the fucking country. I know where I’d prefer to get the money from. I’d rather take it from the exploited rather than the exploiters.
      I look at the policies. The Labour manifesto was spot on. The Tory one a disgusting continuation of robbing from the poor to give to the rich and the running down of all public services. They disgust me.
      I don’t trust any politicians but I know where my vote goes.
      BTW – the Labour Government didn’t bring the country to it’s knees. That was a world-wide crash. If the Tories had been in power it would have been no different. The only time this country has been in the black was under a Labour government. Blair, for all his sins (trying to be Thatcher – a watered down Tory), got the country running brilliantly – redeveloped inner cities, financed public services and had the economy running in the black. I suggest you look it up and get your facts straight.

      1. I’m not often greeted with F…. H…Bill!
        Did I drop your pint or something? Why all the effing and blinding?

        What I stated really wasn’t anything in support of Tory and neither am I a Tory.
        It’s important that we remind ourselves of the deep trough of shit these Labour people left us in last time. And we should constantly remind ourselves before we cast divisions between these do this and they do that. I am extremely hesitant, as are the majority of the country to return to their leadership ideology, especially at present. I base my views on the current calibre of personnel, none of whom are remotely qualified.

        The fundamental basis on where Labour’s money comes from is extremely worrisome. They are indeed exploiting. In turn this beggars the question to the level of integrity of democracy that the country as a whole is therefore offered in due process. I can see a high degree of automatic disproportional representation in place. This is how they operate and it will never promote anything of integrity right across the board as a lot of that money was snatched from the hands of those that worked for it. Such shits as the current party Chairman are a heinous example of what can go wrong.

        There are – like it or not, accept it or not, a magnitude of accusations of a sexual nature currently being addressed by authorities. These are no longer loose canon glib accusations, but taken seriously enough to involve CID investigation.

        What exactly did you hear about what exactly Livingston said?
        Please feel free to quote him verbatim and say again what you believe to be the case here. I urge you to asap.

        I’ve no idea why you feel the need to lecture on where Labour comes from. Fer christ’s sake that was a LONG time ago and the modern world represents NOTHING of what they were originally about.
        All your cheap shock-tactic terminology about “pricks in dead pigs heads”, 1) I haven’t a clue of what you’re trying to say and 2) try and keep your head above water as your drowning in your own bullshit.
        What’s Labour’s manifesto going to do? They aren’t running the show.

        I entirely disgaree with your BTW aside.
        Labour borrowed vast sums from the MOST expensive sources available. That was the MOST stupid thing to do. Considering they’d been in power since 1997, I don’t believe for one second that they did not know of any oncoming global financial crash.
        Were you to “look it up and get your facts straight” you would know exactly what point in time Labour’s Chancellery opted to borrow money at exorbitant interest rates. So, sorry no, I don’t buy your jive. You’re wrong. Dead in the water wrong.

        Wake up, people like Cameron will ALWAYS make a success of themselves. There’s nothing Tory about it. He would have made it in any walk of life.

        As for Blair. You are in dreamland.

        Do yourself a favour. Try and find the Questiontime programme when Ian Lavery was on the panel and try and imagine that man in a senior role running this country. I’d have to shoot my children, you and your children, then myself before I could willingly let that happen.

      2. Bill – just an expression – no offense meant.
        No. I think you are wrong. Much as I am not particularly fond of New Labour (only as a far better option than Tories) I do not believe for a minute that it was their fault. The economic collapse started in the US and was global. I can’t see how you can lay it at their door. That’s the Tory and media ploy.
        Secondly I think the sexual and financial shenanigans goes across all political boundaries. They’ve all been at it – or at least some of all of them have.
        I was listening to the interview that caused the controversy. It was historically factual. I can’t remember the exact words but he referred to the fact that Hitler at first wanted to set up Israel and repatriate Jews to it. He wasn’t saying that was good. It was a historical fact.
        Labour borrowed to try to keep the country afloat and prevent the crash. That was what they had to do. No they could not have foreseen it. When you borrow you have to do so at the going rate. It didn’t work out.
        Given the heinous bunch of cretins presently running the show – Rees-Mogg, Davis, Fox, Hunt and co I reckon anybody would make a better fist of it. But the Labour group isn’t just anyone. They’ve got a manifesto that makes complete sense and the will to put it into practice. I’ll go for that any day thanks.

  4. DN: I basically agreed that I too thought, as per your description that you are indeed taking shit.
    That’s all I said. What’s not knowing you got to do with that?
    Glad you eventually realised just how damned useless all that further edjewkayshun was.
    I’ll never understand why people waste such valuable time and then end up doing something they hate.
    If as you say you have no immediate ties – what the heck are you doing here? It’s a big world out there and you could be having a ball. Plenty cheap to live countries where you could work and still do your writing stuff. That’s no excuse for such inertia.
    I got out of here first soonest decades ago and never looked back and never a day passed did I work for or with anyone I didn’t want to.
    Just get on with DN and remember, there is no such thing as the devil.
    But it sounds very much to me that you have indeed sold out to “the man”.
    Your personal integrity lies in shatters.

    1. Hey Billy,

      You appear to be someone unable to qualify or justify any of the judgemental comments you make but still you make them? Is there a reason for your contempt and/or jealousy of another?

      Care to disclose what it is you actually do or have done for anyone other than yourself that has given rise to such a narrow myopic world-view?

      Why do you shun education? I didn’t educate myself with the intention of applying that knowledge in the workplace or using what I gleaned for anyone other than myself. It was not wasted time to me but essential and wholly worthwhile.

      In what way does my integrity lie shattered? Or is that another generalisation of yours based on nothing more than supposition and make-believe?

      How do you know I’ve not lived in other countries before?

      No such thing as the Devil: tis a metaphor not a word with literal meaning for all that is very deviant, disturbing, and wicked. Theresa May is a good example but one could select from many senior Tories who demonstrate insidious character and malevolent behaviour.

      As for getting on with it: – I’ve been writing for only two years but have a Book finished and a second part-drafted, 3 anthologies worth of material already completed and stories written for two further ‘chap-books’ with a third currently being penned. I am more than content with my progress. Oh and in-between that I work full-time to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head the same as most.

      I am quite content with both my character and my life at this time. Are you able to say the same?

      Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. DN: Please read again. I replied to YOUR comments. It was you who described the predicament that you currently find yourself in.
        How can I qualify the shit you are taking at your place of work? I can’t.
        Personally speaking, as is probably all too obvious, it wouldn’t be me. No chance.
        Neither do I do contempt, least of all jealously. It’s always the reverse. Others are jealous of me because I don’t need to work anymore.
        Seriously DN, a myopic world view? It isn’t me doing some grim job with grim people. Don’t make me laugh.
        I could list you at least 35 countries off the top of my head where you could go.
        Any claims to my myopic world view would be condensed down into zero.

        Sorry, but my life isn’t up for discussion.
        However, I would have trouble believing that you had much if any experience of working abroad previously, otherwise sure as eggs is eggs, youwouldn’t be doing what you’re doing now. That’s elementary level intuition.

        OK, I understood the devil bit. I just made fun of that a bit as it reeks of religious nutter chat and these folks entertain me, a lot.

        No, I can’t say the same. I don’t write books, nor feel inclined to. Should I?
        What do I write about? Me? I’m not quite narcissistic enough and there’s too many already intent on boring the literary world to death with their life stories – which more often than not were never remotely interesting.
        My life has just been a succession of people, thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world. I think I’ve lived in 55 global locations, so my story is interesting but far too complicated to consume on the written page.
        I am never content with either my character or my life. That’s a very dangerous inertia to be in. I’m a thrill seeker who is not in the habit of recording or taking notes on anything to do with my life. For hobby stuff – yes, I do, have to in fact, otherwise they would never work for me and they wouldn’t be enjoyable.

        Not a Blog site that you can visit. I really need to get to know people a bit before considering their invitation – for several reasons. We (myself and a few other carefully chosen co-interested parties) deal with factual database material for operational technical manuals on hi-fi equipment. We rewrite the specs and prevent people from being cheated out of thousands of pounds by buying equipment that is vastly overpriced. Buyers tell us their expected budgets and we explain to them what they need and why they need it, or/and what they do not need to buy. We operate to the opposite of any retail outlet.
        We also do a specialist blog on quality vinyl album pressings, where we guide the novice on which pressing editions to look out for.
        So, basically, there’s not a lot of room for idle chat as such.
        I live and breathe all things to do with music these days, which is how I found myself here upon someone else’s flag up with another post somewhere on this blog. Unfortunately, it’s the proverbial weird scene inside the goldmine, so to speak, as it seems that the guy running the blog is way too personally opinionated and devoid of the nuts and bolts of it, you can just about smell it, but you can’t touch it, so no exchange of good solid information is able to be conducted.
        Maybe see you around sometime. I’ll be able to remember your moniker.

  5. I’d prefer Bill, or William if you prefer. Mr. Torrance would also suffice. I would imagine Sir might be a big ask. Why would you want to call me Andrew…again? If memory serves I’ve been on this site just once before – is that a troll in your book? That’s really weird.
    Do I get to call you Jenopher on Friday night’s? Call me what you like, but preferably without the prefix of F…H..

    Are you the guy who does the blog? You’re upset? Maybe you should read what you say because it’s all so negative, negative, negative. Somebody told me you did music stuff, which was a very loose description indeed as what I’ve read so far is nothing short of diabolical and your profound rudeness to other commentators illustrates a severe deficit with general communication.
    You would not be able to communicate effectively on our blog.
    This is definitely a case of wrong tools in the wrong hands. My crew have been blogging since 1995 and new to the game people like you with your negativity and rudeness are dragging the whole deal down to an unacceptably uncomfortable level that reflects badly on the the general appeal. Your making a very big mistake.
    You’ve brought that ugly and bullying Facebook and Twitter behavior onboard to blogging and that’s a huge mistake.

    I should comment on your happy-go-lucky 3-day-week concept.
    We discuss in scientific detail the composites of robotic computing, principally because the exact same components are used for multiple types of electronics, much of which is used for H-Fi.
    I don’t believe that people at large have actually grasped the sustain of mass index investopedia of magnitude change to society at large concerning robotic engineering substitution of manual work forces. Statistically, within 30 years, some 80% of the world population will have no job to do.
    I very much doubt the 3-day week concept will save the day, amusing enough a little idea as it is.
    This will be the end of most of us, which is of course the plan.

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