Australia Day – Ingenuity and Engineering combine with the Barbie!

GET THE ICE AT THE READY it’s almost AUSTRALIA DAY guys and girls .

Subject: Australian engineering at its best…!!!!

When you are finished cooking and the ice has melted, just pull the handle & the fire goes out.
Is this a great country, or what!

12 thoughts on “Australia Day – Ingenuity and Engineering combine with the Barbie!

  1. How ingenious is that!! Australia Day here has become a political hot potato with fiery debate about celebrating an event that spelled the beginning of the nation as well as the beginning of all manner of injustices for the indigenous peoples, some of whom call it Invasion Day. There is mounting pressure to change the date! Hot headedness on both sides of the debate has derailed the voice of reason. I came across an excellent article about it in today’s paper (Australia Day). I think I’ll post it soon. It is the voice of reason from an Indigenous person.

    1. Aaah I can imagine. Surely there can be a way of creating a celebration that includes the indigenous people? I’d like to hear that voice of reason.

  2. It’s a bigger issue than just changing a date. The Aborigines’ (or “Indigenous People” as the politically correct libtard brigade prefer) complaints are absolutely genuine. They are completely excluded from everything to do with normal Australian society at large. Since the big influx of European whites in the 1960’s, they have been turfed out of their natural homesteads and have been forced to live in demarcated territories in the northern region.
    Today it is an offence by any person to import alcohol to this region. State law dictates that alcohol must not be allowed to be consumed by Aborigines and suppliers maybe imprisoned.
    All vehicles are stop checked, some strip searched upon entry, as are the occupants.
    Meanwhile the white population drowns itself in drink.
    Australia is nothing more than Apartheid and a disgusting example of boorish bully-boy knuckle headed injustice. Like the picture above, it is indeed the toilet of social injustice.
    There is nothing to celebrate.

  3. Loved the Aussie Barbie! On a serious note, Canada’s Aboriginals proclaimed a day of mourning and protest last July 1st as the rest of the country was celebrating the nation’s 150th birthday. Happily, we have a sensitive PM who is moving on several Aboriginal issues.

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