Blog Policy

I write this blog to express my views and interests on a full range of topics, to share my creativity, promote my books and to interact.

As many of the subjects are political or controversial I am quite happy to engage in vigorous exchanges of views.

This blog does not tolerate:

  • Racism
  • Personal abuse
  • Bullying
  • Nastiness

I reserve the right to judge whether responses are appropriate and to remove responses that I feel are inappropriate and ban individuals who are persistently obnoxious.


22 thoughts on “Blog Policy

      1. Let’s hope that you stick to it because we get copies of stuff sent our way and are amused with ‘standards of hypocricy’. My sister was reading a post on some music band that she likes and was shocked by you calling some guy a “c**t”. She copied and posted over. Gotta be more careful man because you can get closed down for that nowadays. Take care.

      2. Landzek – in Utah maybe, but not in NYC. Please!

        Opher – As maybe, but by saying exactly what you think perhaps inflames a danger and puts people off especially the innocents such as my sister.
        Don’t we have a complex enough language that gives us the ability to say the same without the abject offensiveness? The tools are all there for us to use, but if governed by ill-temper…

    1. Landzek – I agree. As I said it is not a word that I tend to use and I am not sure where you got that from.
      Being outspoken does put people off. But sometimes it is necessary.

    2. I know. But recently I have been receiving abuse from that one person and some of his friends. I thought I needed to spell it out. Trolling is attempted bullying. It annoys me.

      1. I had noticed some vitriol. Debate and discussion, disagreement, differing opinions, views and beliefs is a good thing to do. But it should be done respectfully.

      2. I agree Raili. I think you can see that I tolerate a lot of opposite views and heated discussion. What I don’t tolerate is rudeness, abuse and personal comments. There has been some very unpleasant nastiness.

  1. Not like you to put a policy like this out, nothing wrong with it ofcourse but just unexpected from you. As for Iandzek, I am from England and I find that word beginning with “C” very offensive, but maybe I am being oversensitive when it comes to that. Sorry to say we are all prone to using certain words we maybe would have thought twice before using some years ago. Now there is little respect shown for either sex and I do get rather annoyed when I hear some women going on about the way they are treated by men, when they go out of their way to cause such offensive.

      1. Opher,
        So if that’s the case how come you un-published the post on the damage that the Labour Party and the EU did to Humberside?
        I, too, had wanted to add something to that of what my old colleague had said, but if your going to wipe it off the face of the map, what’s that about?
        I’m looking at his post and I’m looking at your blog policy. What’s the problem?
        Please explain.

      2. Thomas – I only remove posts that contain personal abuse, racism or nastiness.
        I used to leave every post up for people to see the obnoxiousness of some people but I changed that policy. I don’t need vexatious people thanks.
        As for Hull – well we’ve just had a great year and the city is buzzing. I’m looking forward to another one this year.

      3. Opher,
        Why give me a corporate mission statement as a reply?
        Why can’t you simply answer my question?
        What was wrong with the post made today about the demise of Humberside?

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