Sri Lanka – Temple Elephants and Monkeys.

Animals are often used to gain money from tourists. This monkey was tied up in a house near one of the temples in Colombo.

This young elephant was kept chained up in a compound at the Buddhist Temple. They are used in various ceremonies but spend their life in a little compound.

It seemed to have a close relationship with its handler but was displaying many symptoms of frustration, swaying back and forth. It’s limited life and lack of ability to move around or have a social relationship with other elephants seemed to be taking its toll.

The big debate is how much of an abuse is this? Are the animals being abused? Are they being well cared for?

9 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – Temple Elephants and Monkeys.

  1. Opher, elephants sway or seem to dance in a swaying motion when they are psychologically damaged and suffering demented behaviour because of repeated trauma and stress. Head nodding is part of it, or leg swinging in constant perpetuity when left chained up. This is not frustration, it is abuse and neglect.

      1. Opher, I have very mixed feelings about zoos. The ones out in Asia are generally appalling! So are East European ones. I would not go into one if you paid me. There might be other zoos that offer a better life for their charges but I can’t think of any.

        In a world that is fast losing iconic species, we have to be much more protective and preserve wild spaces for these animals. Sticking them behind bars or glass will not save them from extinction. We no longer need zoos as show arenas or teaching places. Wildlife can be caught on film and brought to screens for people to see. I just feel so sad when I watch some of the interactions at zoos… It is as though people think the animals are funny. They are living such sad lives and we (collective humanity) think it is funny. Worse, we seem to think that wild animals are a nuisance when we want to plant crops, build shopping malls or strip a forest or dig a mine. We are the most destructive, evil life on the planet, full stop.

      2. Colette – I agree with everything you have said. I hate the way we treat animals and nature. Zoos can be horrendous. They are improving though. The Durrell Park on Jersey was probably the best I’ve seen.
        The way we are destroying nature distresses me no end.

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