Scientists – Poetry


Scientists do not know what they are doing!

Electricity doesn’t work!

Evolution and the Big Bang – Ha!

They’re just a bunch of berks.

We know the sun goes round the Earth

And that the planet’s really flat!

The bible says it’s Adam and Eve

So that’s the end of that!

Scientists do not have all the answers

Or the missing link.

They argue amongst themselves

So we don’t know what to think!


We don’t trust scientists at all;

We’d rather trust our wits!

Global warming, deforestation?

We don’t believe the shits.


Scientists are a bunch of twats

They haven’t got a clue.

They don’t know what they’re talking about

No more than me or you.


For I believe in faith

It’s far better than fact.

It doesn’t have to make sense

Even if details are all lacked.


Opher 26.12.2017

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