Poetry – Love Poem of a Scientist

This one makes me chuckle!

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Love Poem of a Scientist


Love is not forever. Forever is a long time.

Love is an emotion created by our brain chemistry. It has a purpose. It joins two people together to mate and produce children and rear those children to adulthood.

Love is no romantic dream; it is science.

We attract a mate. The females select the best they can merge their DNA with. The object is simple – to ensure survival of your genes. That is the only rule. So selection and diversity are what it’s all about.

When we have snared a mate the endorphins flood our brain and turn us mad. We commit to one another. We worship each other, mate and produce our offspring. It is biology.

Then the endorphins decline and reality intrudes.

Biology rules again and our desires seek other mates to satisfy the laws of diversity and increase the chances…

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