Restorative Justice

Revenge is not the best way to deal with offence for either victims or perpetrators.

Perhaps our penal system focusses too much on revenge and not enough on rehabilitation and nothing at all on victims?

In terms of  addressing the emotions of the victims, raising empathy in perpetrators and saving society from the expense of reoffending, I would suggest Restorative Justice is the way to go.

  1. Bring the victim and offender together.
  2. Take through the crime
  3. Make the offender see the emotional impact of the crime on the victim
  4. Enable the victim to understand the motives of the perpetrator
  5. Agree suitable punishment and compensation

It is a process that I used very effectively in school. It works.

The offenders usually agree a punishment that was in excess of what I would have applied.

The victims feel that the matter has been addressed and allows an emotional purging and satisfying conclusion.

There is no animosity leading to displacement behaviour.

I think it would work just as well with most crimes and adults.

It requires experts and time.

In the long run it is cheaper.

It generates understanding and remorse, and stops all concerned feeling aggrieved.

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