A few photos from Hull – City of Culture.

I went round Hull with a couple of friends of ours who came over to reminisce. We had a great day even though it was a little gloomy.

A great city with an impressive history and much to see and do. Hull is on the up.

Here’s some of the photos I took.

31 thoughts on “A few photos from Hull – City of Culture.

  1. What an empty unloved looking place. Do they still do half-day closing these days as that’s what it looks like.
    Not much of a city at all is it?
    People make a city of culture, not a few walls covered in graffiti.
    Where’s the people?

      1. Oops…thought I’d put my 2 Australian cents/pence in…we had a lovely couple of days in Hull and surrounds this year. Hull was buzzing the day we were there and we loved the historic stroll as well as taking in the modern architecture. We also loved Ferens Gallery…a great cross section of art…and we learnt yo do tge charleston in a pop up dance studio! Great fun.

      2. But when you live in Glasgow, which has got everything Hull has x 10 plus, with far, far superior architecture, and all the beautiful parks that Hull hasn’t got, what’s to compare? For me, it’s a nonentity.
        My point was there’s no people around and that aspect does not make for a city.
        Make any excuse you like, but no people = bad city.

      3. I’m sure you could have learned the charleston in Australia. Neither has it anything to do with Hull as it originated from South Carolina.
        That’s why drums hi-hats were invented – to play charleston beat type music.

      4. Don’t bother guys – he’s a bitter, twisted guy with a chip on his shoulder trying to make trouble. Not worth the effort. It’ll be nice seeing you back in Hull again. We’ll catch another play, a gig, drink some wine and do the countryside.

      1. Lol yeah I like it when place look like that. It gives the place life and a story! Not everyone understands and appreciates that kind of thing…

  2. What is the Empress, a Theatre? Who are the Statues? You do seem to have quite a few probably well known people who lived there. Pity it was a gloomy day, never mind great pics Opher.

    1. There are all manner of statues Anna – King Billy (The gold one), Queen Victoria, William Wilberforce, William De La Pole.
      It was a shame the sun wasn’t out but at least that stopped them swarming with people. We had a good time with a pint of ale!! Hull is a great place to visit. It’s great that it is the city of culture. So much happening that is good.

      1. The weirdest ghost town I’ve seen in ages. With that amount of people lacking, it can’t be blamed on the lack of sunshine as it looked to be a dry day. The city’s obviously a commercial dead loss or there was a terrorist scare.
        The entire opposite of where I live which is swarming with culture.
        Hull’s culture whatever that may be, is certainly nothing to with it’s seemingly apathetic population.

      2. Was William Wilberforce born in Hull, excuse my ignorance. William De La Pole he was? It is a shame about the weather its rather cold here and very wet today, hope we have not seen the end of our Summer.

      3. Yes Wilberforce was a Hull lad. We have a museum dedicated to him. It’s really good.
        Yes. It was a shame about the weather. It has turned a bit. But we can’t complain. It has been great and I’m sure it will pick up again. I think we’ve a bit more summer still to come. At least it kept the crowds away. Hull has been packed. I’m so pleased for them. This year of culture has been so good.

  3. And you Opher, are an oaf, a sub-educated, all too easily pleased bit of an immature dork, who only ever gets half the story of any story.
    You like Hull, fine, you’re stuck with it as its all you’ve ever known since 1974 and you couldn’t afford to live anywhere else but the cheapest place in England. Wild horses couldn’t drag me to live in that depressed looking shithole of a dead town.
    For me it’s a slow death. There’s so little of any genuine interest and your own photos make it look like a ghost town. Any cognitive would ask the very same question – where are the people? You couldn’t answer that question either, but could only muster a load of vile vitriolic juvenille bile about being bitter and twisted. You silly little mental defective.
    I couldn’t give a toss about your shitty little dead town Opher. And quite obviously also the very same opinion is held by the swathes of bands who never ever play there. You look at Mojo magazine month after month and its back pages of all the bands touring UK, and NONE of them are ever stopping at Hull. Why is that? Nowhere to play? Some serious questions arise.
    Culturally Hull is a shithole, hence why it’s one of the cheapest places in England to buy property.
    Why? Because the quality of the property on offer is bloody terrible. The amenities are bloody terrible. The career opportunities are bloody terrible and its home to some of the roughest and most desperately badly rundown council estates in England. The entire area has a dire reputation.
    And the creme de la creme, it claims the #1 position on the chart for national teenage pregnancies. It has a 65% higher ratio of anywhere else in England of teenage pregnancies. So much for all this so-called wonderful education when you have an area with not just a couple of points above, but 65% above! That is probably the most shocking and makes any claims of a cultural anything all the more laughable.
    Going to Hull is like going all the way to Australia and landing up in Darwin. The nation’s public lavatory.

  4. When I said to my youngest Son I asked you if William Wilberforce was born in Hull, he said to me “whats the matter with you of course he was and so many more” then he showed me, compared to us we are a drizzle of people I have never heard of. Well done.

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