Today my spam box was full up with people leaving trite false message but wanting to sell hair extensions. Why would anybody think that a person in their right mind would open a message like that? Or display it? Or buy a hair extension off them?

Is it some kind of scam I do not understand?

The rest of the spam was from psychic readers and tarot cards. If they were that good at seeing into the future they’d know they were wasting their time. How come I get all the duff ones? The good ones don’t bother trying.

Sadly it seems that the Russian and Thai girls no longer wish to meet me and no Chinese girls want me to be their boyfriend. I miss them.

I suppose that is probably why the Viagra salesman no longer calls. He figures that as the girls have lost interest I no longer have any need.

Spam has definitely become less interesting. No Nigeria Generals are offering to put huge sums of money into my bank, I don’t seem to have won enormous sums of money in prizes and no lawyers are contacting me to inherit vast sums from unknown deceased relatives.

Ho Hum. Perhaps it will pick up soon? There are always the Romanian girls, Norwegian girls, Italian girls………………

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  1. Hahah yeah I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately too unfortunately from the same hair extension people and someone else offering psychic readings

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