Fanatical, brainwashed terrorist scum target kids!!

My heart goes out to the poor parents of the dead and injured little girls who were blasted by the callous, barbaric terrorist bomber. As a parent I am horrified.

Once again, in the name of god, another targeting of the weak and innocent. The perpetrators have no morality and no conscience.

Somewhere a group of indoctrinated, misguided, barbarous imbeciles interpreted a medieval book to somehow believe that their god thought it was a good idea to blow up innocent little girls. This a god of love? This Islam – a religion of peace? No. This was the work of a minority of deluded, brainwashed fools who are being used by powerful masters for their own political ends and to increase their own power.

There is no paradise waiting down the line. You’ve been duped.

Somewhere a group of people planned to build a bomb, fill it with nuts and shrapnel and detonate it among a crowd of little girls. No words can describe the disgust. No god would sanction that other than a psychotic god. They are heartless, cruel and deluded.

The aim of the exercise is to drive a wedge between the British Muslim community and the rest of the British public. They want Tories, UKIP and the BNP to rise up with xenophobic fury and cause friction which drives more Muslims into the hands of fanatics.

That is what we must not let happen!!

What we do need to do is to build trust and work with the Muslim community to hound out the fanatics and lock them away.

What we need to do is reverse the Tory cuts to public services, increase out police spending and anti-terror work and hunt down these psychotic madmen and madwomen. We want rid!!

The terrorist may hate music, dance and culture but they will never defeat the strength of the British people and create the sterile kind of world they dream of.

26 thoughts on “Fanatical, brainwashed terrorist scum target kids!!

  1. If only you didn’t have to go into that loose talk half-wit mode that you sometimes excel with really dumb commentary like the association of Tories with the BNP.
    You lose complete credibility with such stupidity.

      1. Perhaps your thesaurus has chosen the wrong descriptive word for you in this instance. Do you want to try again?
        Yup, I can see a great similarity between extreme Tories and heavy booted boys from the schemes. Get real.

      2. Don’t be silly Andrew. The boot boys on the street are just the troops. The people behind the scenes organise them. Their objectives are similar to the extreme Tories – racist, xenophobic, nationalists and fascists.

  2. Tell me what is the moral difference between the perpetrators of the Manchester bomb and the IRA members who planted bombs intended to kill civilians including children?

    1. Ha ha. At last some humour. Misguided and silly but at least humour.
      I’ll tell you someone responsible for more deaths than the terrorists in Britain – Theresa May.

      1. At last? You’re so Mr Middle England on constant defence that you no longer know what that is unless it slaps you directly in the face like a custard pie.

        Is this just more silly-arse conjecture anti-May wofffle of your own making in the hope it will stick?. She makes Corbyn look like a toilet attendant.

      2. In your opinion Andrew. Except what he says and stands for is more morally right than what she stands for.
        We’d see who had the balls if she was willing to stand up against him in debate. I’ve seen him. He is brilliant and he’d wipe the floor with her. So if he’s the toilet attendant she’s the mop with her head in the shit.
        She’s wibbly wobbly – frightened to go into debate – frightened even to appear in public except at orchestrated Tory meetings. A strong woman? No a fraud. She is scared. She voted remain and then Kow-towed to the heinous Right-Wing of her party. She has no spine.
        Mrs Mop.
        Well Mrs Mop’s social policy has resulted in deaths and suicide, despair and agony.
        But she’s your woman – what did you call her – Cruella wasn’t it? You’ve changed your tune Andrew.

  3. You know, I think saying that they’re doing these things in the name of God is just an excuse. The plain fact of the matter is we are both peaceful and violent people at the same time but it depends on which side of us we feed how we will turn out. And I think these guys that go around killing have all turned around and fed the bad side. They kill just because they like to kill. How do you cure that?

    1. You integrate and educate.
      But do not write off the religious element. That bomber believed he would go to paradise by doing that terrible thing. The people behind him believed they were doing their god’s will by putting nuts into a bomb to deliberately kill and mutilate little girls. It had a religious motive as well as hatred.

      1. How unusual. Religion & hate mixed together?
        Talk about stating the obvious…
        I don’t think the woman is 9 years old, so why talk to her like she is with your pseudo tone of deluded self-superiority.

      2. Andrew what is it with you? You’re a ball of loathing with a chip on your shoulder. It doesn’t have to be all put-down. You’d get more respect if you were more respectful but you don’t seem able to do that to anyone.

  4. I have a great deal more first hand experience of these people as I employed a great number of them. I know how they operate and fully conversant with their every foible.
    It’s not loathing in entirety, but despair. You give them one step forward and they’ll take two backwards. Many are weak-minded and completely fail to plan (for lack of a more appropriate term) further than their next pay packet. Back in the days of weekly wage packets, I lost count of the number of personal visits we would receive from their desperate wives requesting that the pay packet was never given to them prior to their days off as they’d drink and gamble it.
    Your naivety on this is culpable.
    Respect is earned, never granted.

      1. Or in your case, complete ignorance and I was going to also say naivety, but it’s not, it’s on another level entirely, it’s gross stupidity.

      2. Well you’re one to call people stupid aren’t you? You are seemingly incapable of behaving in a civilised manner.
        Your own stupidity is inexcusable. I can list it – Brexit, Trump, May. All amazing errors of judgement or is it that feeling of superiority that makes you feel so much better than everyone else that you associate yourself with the greedy bastards who those cretins represent? Or is it a personality failing? A psychological problem? Even a feeling of insecurity that forces you to constantly have to drive yourself to levels where you geekily display knowledge that you present as fact and cannot enter into a discussion without trying to assert yourself as so superior that you tower above everybody else whose views are not worthy of consideration.
        Must be lonely up there.
        Well Andrew it may come as a surprise but I’m not stupid and just because I do not agree with your morally corrupt viewpoint, or accept your often tedious and pedantic facts, that does not make me a cretin.
        It’s a great shame you are so disturbed because you have many interesting aspects – unfortunately ruined by your attitude. Rudeness is the major symptom of stupidity. Yours is of a very specific kind. Similar to that of Trump – probably why you admire him so much.
        As for me well I still buy into a fairer world and detest the arrogant, smug, superiority of the Tories whose avarice is beyond measure. And you know what? I think that makes me a more moral person.

  5. I’ve changed nothing. I call any woman in a tough-call job Cruella, because the tendency is that they have to be in order to control the reigns. Where are all these so-called deaths that she’s responsible for? She’s hardly been in the job for very long, plus the fact why should she waste a minute of her valuable time with the likes of Corbyn? He’s a nonentity, an unwanted quasi leader of a shambolic party that is rotting at the seems. A party that as you’ve forgotten pretty much brought this country to it’s knees with rotten policies and laissez faire attitudes to wanton immigration of which we’re suffering the consequences of now because our services can’t cope.
    How many times do I have to repeat to you the very basic equation of the economic model. You can’t stick 120,000 people in an area geared towards 100,000. The infrastructure, be it housing, schools, hospitals, and the list is endless, will and does ultimately seriously struggle.
    Your bloody loony people near destroyed our social norms with crazy so-called socialist ideology, where you expect those with more personal wherewithal to continuously pick up the pieces and feed the begging hand of those that refuse to commit themselves to a satisfactory level of personal responsibility towards their own contribution to society at large.
    I’m sick of hearing of their social security scams, criminality, thuggery, irresponsibility with every facet of their miserable lives. I can’t see how you can make any more excuses for them.
    I never did and never will. You’ll have to accept that. I’m done with these retarded fuckwits.
    I couldn’t care less if they live or die. And there’s many of the very same opinion. We’re called the majority.
    You forget that I spent a great deal of my life surrounded by such people, unlike yourself. I’m more than qualified to have concluded exactly what the score is. Whereas in your case, you’re opinions are not governed by anything like the level of my experiences and take on board with great gusto every headline that grabs your immediate attention. Your possess near zero filtration attributes. You’re like a kiddy is a sweetie shop. You don’t know when to to say no.
    You demand the untenable.
    We could have perhaps a much higher degree of socialism, but I really don’t want to wait until It’s my turn to share the communal tin cup. My expectations in life are somewhat higher evolved.

      1. My opinion of myself? Wrong, I was repeating my opinion of some others with your political persuasion and the reasons why I have nothing much to do with nor care for.

    1. Oh and it was back in the leadership elections when you couldn’t stand the sight of the woman and called her Cruella out of dislike. What’s happened to your memory?

  6. Well , really Opher, you sure threw your toys out the pram there, eh? How childish.
    The habit of a lifetime.
    I told you in great detail why I supported Brexit over Remain. I’m also qualified to make that decision because I not only just lived in Europe, but also owned a trading business there. My qualifications by far out weigh yours as a UK based retiree, responsible for nothing and doing nothing. I countered your claims on every detail – in fact, I completely crushed your argument into dust on that topic. But you hate facts as you live in a fantasy world. You won’t find Utopia on any map no matter how hard you try. You attempted to qualify your argument with something to do with an off-spring, but it turned out that they were just an employee, and certainly not owning or running a business involving a load of money and employing people. Your completely failed to grasp the complexities and corruption at play.
    You keep harping on about NHS deficits, yet failed to recognise the huge sums gobbled by needless EU quango committee’s running riot with micro management interference.
    You spout vociferously about greed and the elite classes, yet remain absolutely blind as to who runs the EU. The unelected super wealthy seem to merit your devout support.

    I told you if anyone could lead USA out of the mire it would be Trump. I don’t have to like the person as you are all too obviously pre-programmed to need to do. There was no other choice if the mission was improvement. Again you made outrageous claims and again I crucified your argument at every turn.
    You also forget that before the US elections the Republicans called for a restructure of the Electoral Collage, but the Democrats knocked that idea back because they were reliant that they would secure their win as presently structured.
    So, that makes 2 things I was right about.

    And there you were again, at some useless gathering of the disenfranchised with Corbyn and of all people, fat-boy pig-face Prescott, the most useless buffoon that ever walked the corridors of parliament. And you’re lauding plaudits like you’d just witnessed the second coming. You’re pathetic, a sanctimonious sheeple. A rebel without a clue.
    It’s you that’s morally corrupt because it’s the likes of your ilk that wish the rest of us to pay and bail out again for the nth time millions of idiots that subject us to social anarchy. That is immoral and as sure as eggs is eggs it’s not going to happen.

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