Tomorrow my Blog goes Dormant!

I decided a while ago that I need a break and I have much that needs doing. The Blog is extremely time consuming, saps energy and creativity and puts strains on relationships. We have a new house to get into shape. I have a family to give time to. I have a lot of writing I have to get down to. I have a lot of publishing and I need to give some attention to promoting my existing books. Apart from that there are good friends I want to spend time with, great music gigs to see, much to read and a lot of travel to fit in. I think all that should take care of most of my time for the foreseeable future.

My present thinking is to put the Blog to sleep. I may do the occasional post as the mood takes me. In the meantime it will be there for people to dip into if they so wish. There are 3700 past posts to discover.

So thank you all my loyal followers. It is good to go out at the top! This month has been a record month. Viewing are 50% up on any month in the last year. Already this month I have greatly exceeded the entire number of viewings for the whole of my first year. Likewise the number of Likes has rocketed. I have over 7700 follows (1121 WordPress, 20 email, 5000 Facebook and 1593 twitter). I’m told the facebook and Twitter don’t count but who is worrying. Most of my followers don’t comment but many press the like button and that gives me some encouragement to think there is a community of like-minded people out there who like what I am putting out. It’s a bit of a game. What is important is to communicate and express what you honestly feel. Nothing more.

I may resurrect this blog in the Summer. Right now I’m not sure. We’ll see.

So – adios Amigos – Hi Ho Silver Away!!!

Tomorrow will be the last day for a while!!

Protest, built a better world based on love, equality, empathy, compassion and respect. Sod greed, selfishness and hate!!! Keep up the fight!!

12 thoughts on “Tomorrow my Blog goes Dormant!

    1. Well keep a look out Pooj – I shall probably be back when I’ve got on top of my writing!!
      You take care and keep fighting for that better world!!

      1. Yes I will definitely be waiting for you to start blogging again!
        Thanks I’ll try to keep the haters at bay while you’re away 🙂

    1. One last day and I will venture into other realms. It’s been a pleasure Raili. We’ll meet up again down the line. Part of my travel plans this year will involve OZ.

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