A few wishes and hopes for 2017!

  1. Everyone wakes up to the fact that there are far too many people and globally action is taken to reduce human populations from ridiculous 7 Billion + to a manageable 3 Billion (thus reducing pollution, encroachment and the need for resources).
  2. Everyone agrees that nature needs 50% of the planet and so nature reserves are established where wildlife is protected. The elephants, rhinos, tigers, apes, gorillas and chimps are protected. Poaching and hunting is stopped.
  3. A virus sweeps the world which destroys part of the human brain – the bit that is cruel, selfish and greedy – instantly turning all mankind into empathetic, caring, kind individuals who value each other and nature (putting an end to war, inequality, exploitation and poverty as well as saving thousands of animals from extinction).
  4. The United Nations receives the backing it requires to globally implement its Human Rights charter. All people of whatever race, colour, creed, gender, sexual preference, disability, ability or inclination are considered equal and worthy of the same rights. Nobody is exploited, enslaved, belittled, bullied or patronised.
  5. Religious and Political fundamentalism is seen as the scourge it is and eliminated through a progressive education system.
  6. Money is transferred from the war machines to provide quality education for all.
  7. Nations are abolished. Humanity is freed from tribal allegiance to flourish in a new age of equality, where variety of culture is valued but not imposed.
  8. Children are no longer abused through indoctrination but instead are left to grow and learn to love one another, from all backgrounds, and value the planet they live on.
  9. Creativity is valued and encouraged. People are free to paint, write, act, play music, dance, draw, sing and express their spirit in exuberant joy.
  10. Automation frees people from the tyranny of work so that they can use their time wisely in communication, travel, creativity and love.

Those are my hopes for 2017.

If that is what everybody really wanted then there is no reason why they could not have it. All that is holding us back is the selfish greed of a minority of the powerful and a lack of imagination of the many.

What are the chances?

10 thoughts on “A few wishes and hopes for 2017!

  1. Ok… So you HAD to know that sooner or later SOMEONE (likely me!) was going to ask you this in reference to:

    “Everyone wakes up to the fact that there are far too many people and globally action is taken to reduce human populations from ridiculous 7 Billion + to a manageable 3 Billion (thus reducing pollution, encroachment and the need for resources).”

    Now just how do you propose to do that? Every time you comment on that I wonder if that’s even manageable… 😉 (Just playin’ devil’s advocate here…)

    1. It has to be manageable or we are doomed and will have to rely on a virus mutation to bring the population down to manageable levels.
      Solving it is not easy but not impossible. I will do a post on it right away.

  2. Although I find some of them problematic, I like 3, 6, 9 & 10.

    3) A virus to eliminate greed. That would be great! I’d give it first to our politicians.

    6) 800 billion dollars has been spent on weaponry in the middle east. (Yes BILLION!) Somehow, the US produced it all. Just pulled it out of their back pocket, you know how they do. Miraculous, is it not? And yet, kids in school cannot have desks, heat, air conditioning, text books, safety nor proper food. Not to mention music, art and theater education.

    9) Vincent Van Gogh killed himself because the society convinced him his art had no value. And many artists do the same.

    10) Exactly so, and I would have people getting paid handsomely for all creative efforts. It could happen if they did not have to spend that 800 billion dollars on war machines…

    Great food for thought Opher!

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