Ebola in the Garden of Eden – The Foreword

This is probably my best Sci Fi book. If you enjoy a good read with a bit of a pertinent thought-provoking edge you might enjoy this one.


Ebola in the Garden of Eden


I first mapped this novel out in 1996. It was originally called ‘Ebola in Eden’.

At the time Ebola was a virus that had already been around for twenty years. The first recorded outbreaks were in 1976 in Zaire and Sudan. The disease probably originated in primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas, and is also transmitted by bats.

It is quite likely that the first cases in humans were contracted from the butchering of ‘bush-meat’ by hunters who were killing chimpanzees and gorillas. The logging companies were opening up the interior and putting roads in to extract the timber. The hunters were using these roads to reach deeper into the jungles. They were encountering animal groups that had previously been isolated.

I was looking for a virus for my book that might possibly be used in the way described in this novel. I had a number of contenders but was attracted to Ebola because of the description of its horrific symptoms. A doctor performing an autopsy at the time described the organs of the victim as having ‘melted’.

The destruction of the natural environment, the massacre of wildlife, and the continuing destruction of our forests due to the increasing overpopulation of the planet is a source of great sadness to me.

I write in the hope that the worst may never happen.

Opher Goodwin 5.11.2014

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Here’s a review or two:

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback

A great read of a disturbing future. Well written and delightful in places, shocking in others – all too real. It tells the story of over-population and a world government’s attempt to solve it. You could really identify with the characters and the scene were pictures in your head. You’ll cry in places. If you love good Sci-fi then you will enjoy this book.

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback
This book should be a must read for any budding scientist or politician. However for the rest of us it is time well spent pondering a future scenario with population problems to be solved. There is good characterisation of the scientists who have taken different research paths since their student days. The children who have Mickel’s syndrome are delightful and innocent in contrast to the devious and desperate dealings of the politicians. The book is imaginative and with a strong narrative which is compelling to finish. There are echoes of our current day problems and the crisis we could create for the future.If I was still involved in buying for school libraries I would certainly do so as young adults can read this easily and have many issues to discuss.

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