My surreal Sixties book – Chapter 25 – kettle


Messing finished the housework and decided to relax with a cup of tea by the fire. He always liked the ambience of a good coal fire and liked to lose himself in the flickering flames.

He went into the kitchen, filled the kettle with just enough for a single cup and switched it on.

While he was waiting for it to boil he began putting together the necessaries. He retrieved the milk from the fridge, took a mug off the stand and spooned in one dollop of coffee and two sugars. He poured some milk in and returned the carton to the fridge.

He stood with his hands on the counter waiting on the kettle.

‘Instant coffee,’ he thought to himself. ‘One of the plagues of Western society.’ Messny preferred real coffee but beggars could not be choosers.

The kettle began to whistle as it boiled. The kettle clicked off but it still continued to boil. Messny frowned and flicked it off at the wall switch. It still continued to boil madly.

‘Damn!’ Messny exclaimed, staring at the kettle in disbelief. ‘I turned it off!’ He flicked the switch up and down but it made no difference.

Messny pulled the plug from the socket but the kettle continued to boil furiously. He held it up in the air with the cord dangling as it bubbled madly.

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