My weird Sixties book – Reality Dreams – Chapter 24 – Contentment

I was definitely in my mystical phase here – unity with the cosmic flow that runs through us all and the universe – the universal vibration. I’m not so mystical now but I can still taste the vibe.


Despite the passing of the years Messny never tired. If anything his affinity to the Earth had grown. He praised its wonders with every step. For him the truth of life resided in the mighty relationship with the universe around him. It had never let him down and he returned his energy to its cosmic dance to make it all the greater. This was where he belonged. This was his only home. He was rewarded and cared for in return for his energy. Nothing was ever wasted; everything belonged. He did not recognise any god nor believe any religion that man had invented, but chose to live in relationship with the unknown that could be felt with every breath and stained every sunrise with its majesty. The world was his church, the sky his holy book and the spirit of the universe moved through him, around him and was all he saw and dreamed. There were herbs to gather knowledge from and ways to clear his thoughts and enable him to penetrate deeper. He could stare into the void to gain guidance and clear his vision. It always brought him closer to himself and the electric hum of which he was part. It always filled him with more than he put in and filled him with a strength that can only come from knowledge and contentment.

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