Happy Easter – A pagan festival of spring!


The festival of spring. When the land is reborn and bursts into green. A fertility festival of life.

After the barren winter when the trees lose their leaves, the ground becomes brown, the cold and damp freeze the soul, there is warmth again.

The sun shines. The leaves shoot back out from seemingly dead branches. It is the true resurrection.

The world is reborn. The birds sing in the trees and select their mates. The creatures build nests and prepare for families. All is alive.

The babies are born. Their cuteness inspires.

Regeneration is the message.

There is plenty to eat once again. The dark, cold days of hibernation are behind us again.

It is the time for food and merriment.

We celebrate with the giving of eggs – the fertility symbol of life. The world is reborn.

We celebrate with delight at the young creatures born – the Easter bunnies live.

This is the time to rejoice! We are alive! All is right with the world again! The dark days are over!

This is a festival that goes back into time to the days before memory. Rejoice as our ancestors did. Life is beautiful. Love is in the air.

16 thoughts on “Happy Easter – A pagan festival of spring!

  1. Nice Post, rebirth of everything. Hope you got your “cuddles” batteries charged. We had big power cut here 2.15 this morning, just got out of the bath, great timing trying to find the bedroom door and not falling over one frightened doggie.

      1. No I managed to make it to the bedroom couldn’t go to bed for ages hair so wet, it’s awful when there is a power cut can’t put tv on, can’t play music, can’t even read your books! Glad to hear your cuddle batteries are recharged.

  2. Funny because the lights kept flickering for a while you just dreaded the thought of no power. Been very cold and windy here today, I think I will get an earlier bath just in case. Hope you did not eat any of the Children’s Easter Eggs.

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