The number of countries in the world and my blog. Hello everyone – You are all most welcome whatever your views. Feel free to express yourselves.


I have just googled to find out how many countries there are. There are only 196 (including Taiwan). That doesn’t sound too many. 196 countries is far less than the number of different cultures. I bet there are many times the number of those. Within each country there could be a multitude of cultures all with their costumes, religions, customs and histories. That’s quite a narrative.

Of those 196 countries so far this year I am pleased to say that my blog has been accessed from 157. That is almost four fifths!

I find that incredible to imagine that I sit in my little room, surrounded with my books and music, and pour the contents of my mind, heart, creativity and dreams into this machine and people at the other side of the world accesses and respond to my outpourings.

So welcome one and all. We may not have the same likes, beliefs or views but I would like to think that we can find something to share and learn from each other. I’m sure we can find something stimulating. I could be speaking to four fifths of the world! It would be brilliant if you all shared your thoughts with me!

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it. I love the likes and the comments even more. We’re all one people living in one world with the rest of life. Let’s learn to get on better and look after this jewel of a planet. That would be good.

I wish you all happiness and tolerance whichever country, race, religion or culture you come from – Opher.


7 thoughts on “The number of countries in the world and my blog. Hello everyone – You are all most welcome whatever your views. Feel free to express yourselves.

  1. “Somebody say nine – others say nine thousand – others still say nine million:

    The first opinion is based on nine major world religions – the second on various communities big and small – the third a guess on the quarelling among humanity.

    1. OK – I’ll go for one! One tiny speck in the midst of a zillion other tiny specks. Time we got a bit of unity, a lot more tolerance, a lot more love and a lot less quarrelling. One is a good. One country, one people, harmony, lots of debate, lots of lively, energetic doing! A shared bottle, stories from the wealth of the past, art, music, poems, dance, craft, and interaction. One country sounds good! You can’t Beat that for company. Take care Matt – great to hear from you.

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