Bangkok blast – another meaningless atrocity of hatred and barbarity.

tortured cover

Terrorism has become the scourge of our age.

Too many people have hearts full of hatred and arrogant righteousness.

Too many are indoctrinated into stupid beliefs.

Too many are exploited and manipulated into hatred, self-sacrifice and intolerance.

It is too easy to manufacture bombs and get hold of weapons.

Too many people seek power through perverse religion and politics.

There is far too much ignorance and superstition.

The world is far to unequal.

There are too many people, too little work and so little hope.

Too many live in overcrowded poverty and hopelessness.

The terrorists want to divide, spread fear and destabilise so that they can sneak into the vacuum and inflict their religious or political aims.

The men behind it are never killing themselves.

It is all about power, not beliefs or doctrine – power. The people who organise, radicalise and induce the hatred and barbarity want to be powerful. They are mentally sick.


Let us get a few things clear:

  • No religion will ever dominate the whole world. They all come and go. The world has enormous numbers and they would never all convert.
  • Hatred and barbaric violence are always obscene. Even if there was a god he would never condone it.
  • We must stop indoctrinating children.
  • We must make the world more equal and give people a future.
  • There is no paradise full of virgins. The idea is misogynistic and absurd and the product of a sexually repressed culture.
  • We must stop traumatising people through war, violence and the death of their loved ones. It cannot be sanctioned.
  • We must restrict our numbers and improve everyone’s standard of living while preserving the planet.
  • We must stop supporting megalomaniac leaders – religious or political.
  • We must start thinking globally.
  • To prevent future atrocities you have to treat the cause of the disease not merely the symptoms!


Opher’s World stands for tolerance, freedom, pacifism and equality. I abhor the senseless, callous barbarism of this primitive, ignorant ideology.

6 thoughts on “Bangkok blast – another meaningless atrocity of hatred and barbarity.

  1. The men behind it are never killing themselves.

    They never do. Its a game played with the flesh of others. Well done.

  2. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    This is so true, however, I believe the main religion may go on for ever, depending how long ever is, for with the current climate of one upmanship in many areas of the World being, West, East, Middle East, Far East and any others the future as we know it may not last as long as we hope for. In that the relentless quest for power by a good few of the World’s leaders and some aspiring leaders could well mean that the future could be short lived. Then what will their quest for power bring them and their communities, but do they really care as the driven quest for their own power extinguishes all others.

    Unfortunately all you state has little chance of happening, now or the long term future, unless the populous achieve what is currently seeming impossible.

    The last point ‘To prevent future atrocities you have to treat the cause of the disease not merely the symptoms!’ is particularly relevant, but all are as well, but if you could achieve all these others, they will not be able to continue until you concentrate on the disease as well as the symptoms.

    Take radicalisation, why are the people who are radicalised open to this action, unfortunately there will not be a common theme.

    They could not have the will to resist.

    They could have problems which are leaving down and open to be corrupted

    There will be others, but all need to be identified and then appropriate action to minimise these areas and ideally create situations where they cannot manifest.

    Take the UK, people are marginalised either into ethnic communities and do not forget that a white community is just as good or bad as any other community. Just because it may be the majority, in not a reason to discount it. We need to accept that in many ways we are all equal, however, some are more equal than others and there could be a root of the problem. Again the area of power is brought to the fore for power comes in many guises wealth is one, position is another, and in many respects the creation of some communities could be another, perhaps the list could be endless.

    Religion and politics are two main causes, but they are not there alone, for if they were not there others would be created.

    It could be within the makeup of the Human Race to which we all belong. If we were all created in Gods own image, then there is then no hope, so could the evolution theory have a better way forward, as this would mean that change will come, but not in our lifetime, that is if there is to be another lifetime.

    So we have to ask is there really time for change to come forth.

    A very complicated subject, but is certainly there for scrutiny and research. But then could the scrutiny and research be slanted with the human frailties.

    This could go on and on and then come full circle, Oh, what a complicated Society or Societies we are.

  3. If people come to this Country they should integrate and obey the Laws of the Country, if I went to their Country I would have to live as they do. We are far too soft, the far left have infiltrated too much. Europe has no answers, Germany is divided, France hopefully will recover but I doubt it, Sweden do very little about the raping of white women by immigrants. These immigrants do not see women in their Country as they do in Europe, that does not mean they can be allowed to sexually abuse white women. The taking white girls off the streets and gang raping them here in this Country continues, the Police the Government the other political parties all too scared to do anything for fear of being called Racist. Morons use the word Racist for everything relating to immigration these days. What are the answers to all the Terrorism all the problems, I don’t know. I have to disagree over your belief that all Faiths should be abolished. What we have here is a Modern Holy War, the Christian Faith will never be destroyed. You make your own personal choices for your Family Opher but don’t dictate that others do not have the right to believe in say the Christian Faith.

    1. I’m all for integration Anna. People should abide by the laws and customs of the land they move to without losing respect for their own customs. The Brits are not very good at that though are they? Little British enclaves with fish and chips and the Sun and Express.
      I’m not sure you are right about people in other countries not dealing with rapists though. I do think you are exaggerating the threat. And I don’t know why you’ve suddenly taken this right-wing stance of blaming everything on the left and liberals and wanting to clamp down on everything. That never solves anything that I can see.
      The authorities not dealing with abuse of young girls is really quite complex. I’ve been following the cases. They not only had the racist thing, but also a view of these vulnerable girls as being troublesome and sexually active. There is no doubt that men from repressed cultures saw them as easy prey. Couple that with a layer of incompetence and attitudes towards working class kids and you have a recipe for disaster. It is similar to the blind eye turned to priests and politicians and celebrities. Paedophilia was not given the importance it deserved and safeguarding was not a priority. The view was that the girls got what they deserved. I think that has changed. Paedophilia stinks.
      I don’t dictate. Everybody is entitled to their beliefs. I merely state my views – one of which is that all religion does more harm than good and is used by powerful people for their own advantage.
      We don’t have a modern holy war – we have the same old establishment fermenting trouble around the world so they can profit from it. ISIS were manufactured out of the West.

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