Poetry – Vice and Verse – another similar in concept to the first.

If you enjoyed my first book of poetry then this one is similar.

Vice and Verse cover

This is my second anthology of poems. I do not claim to be a poet. I have no pretensions in that direction. I just like writing. Sometimes ideas and feelings come out as what I describe as poems and sometimes they come out as my version of novels. For me it is all about communication and playing with words. Words are slippery things, like eels. Their meanings are nuanced. When you put them together they are tinged with other sheen. They wriggle into other forms. A word is amazing. It is a symbol, sometimes for a very tenuous concept, that we are able to use to touch each other with. We assume that each word we select has exactly the same baggage for everyone else. I doubt it does. These are not my words. They are borrowed. The arrangements are mine though. I have organised them to have a flow, a rhythm and to interact with purpose. Perhaps this will be obvious, but perhaps not. Some have humour and some are imbued with fury. I occasionally use my words like ballistic missiles. They deliver a warhead. I hope you appreciate them. I have attached my other words in the form of extensions to illuminate, exaggerate and confuscate. Even confuscation can be good. I write to make a difference – hopefully a positive difference.

The good news is that I’m working on a third!

If you would like to own my poetry book:


2 thoughts on “Poetry – Vice and Verse – another similar in concept to the first.

    1. Thank you – it is coming along nicely – if a little slower than I would like. Thanks for the encouragement. Best wishes Opher

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