Poetry – Peace, Love and Happiness – the antidote to ISIS and the selfish tycoons.

The world is torn apart with hatred, sectarian violence, fundamentalist insanity, corporate greed, selfish exploitation, misogyny and racial ignorance. It’s time everyone stopped and took a step back and tried a different approach.

Instead of listening to the hate-mongers we should try talking to the people.

Where-ever I’ve been on this small planet I’ve found the people, no matter how poor, friendly and helpful. Why are they turned to hate?

What feeds that despair and intolerance?

Back in the sixties the peace and love vibe permeated the world for a couple of glorious years. The hippie trail went out to Afghanistan and Pakistan and there was none of the fanaticism and fundamental hatred. There was respect for the culture. What has fuelled the extremism and intolerance?

Oil, greed, war, religion and power, that’s what.

It’s time we built a positive zeitgeist, reached out to people and smiled a lot more. Equality and tolerance should be the key words. Respect and communication the tools. We need to oppose bigotry, extremism and ignorance with all our might and never with violence. A cuddle works wonders.

I believe that religion is one of the greatest causes of evil in this world but, as an antitheist, I would stand up for the right of every human being to believe what they want.

I believe the greedy bankers, industrialists and exploiters are guiding us to destruction but that does not mean that I want to eradicate them.

I believe that the warmongers are jiving up the passions so that they can exploit them for their own power. But I believe the only way to deal with the psychopaths is to talk, communicate and use reason.

There are better ways than bombs.

Peace Love and Happiness

What this world needs now is a big dollop of love

Spread like honey over toast

A cuddle and a hug with the warmth of a cosy bath

That stretches from coast to coast

A welcoming smile and a helping hand

To show we all do really care

The gentleness of touch of a passing breeze

To show we’re always there


What this world needs is peace and harmony

To melt away the greed

A shared drink and meal with tinkling laugh

To show we are agreed

For love can thaw the hardest heart

If we put aside our hate

If we join together with respect and pride

We can surely improve our fate


Peace love and happiness

Is that too much to ask?

I’ll join with you if you’ll join with me

Together there’s a task.

It’s a job that is worth doing

To improve our sad old world

Peace love and happiness

Is worth much more than gold


Opher 17.1.15

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