Poetry – Long Journey – a poem about life, it’s purpose and doubts.

It seems to me that there are three types of people: The destructive, selfish kind who use everything and leave the world worse than when they came; the indifferent type who do nothing with their lives; and the ones that make a difference and change things for the better.

When I was young I consciously decided that happiness was not to be found in wealth and power. I deliberately chose not to go down that path. I wanted something more meaningful and fulfilling. I wanted a life that led to wisdom and creativity.

Now, towards the end of my days I think I was right. Pleasure is not fulfilment. Fulfilment is on a much deeper level and I have had more than my share.

I still believe we should strive to make the world a better place; more compassionate and harmonious. That to create and improve is more rewarding.

Destruction and cruelty never leave you with a satisfied glow in the way that love does.

Life is a long journey. We set off armed with our philosophy.


It’s a long road with no end in sight

On a journey that never ends.

They say the travelling justifies the time;

There’s always something round the next bend.

Sometimes you find a gentle glade

That satisfies your soul

Sometimes you settle in one place

But home is always the next watering hole.

You spend your time searching

For the diamonds in a friends eyes,

For the gems within the cosmic dust

That gives you the feeling of your size.

Sometimes it all makes sense

But those are the times that have to pass.

Sometimes you want to hold it close

But you know nothing can last.

These words are squiggles on a page

That’ll live long after me

And what use is their existence

Regardless of their quality?

 – they’re just words

You just get on and do it.

Make it the best you can.

Try to improve this whole damn universe;

As one grain within the sands.

Yet one grain can start a landslide

That buries something wrong,

And a landslide can lead to an earthquake

That lasts a life-time long.

Love melts the hardest hearts

As many an erstwhile fascist knows

Knowledge and compassion

Are the seeds a wise man sows.

A thought slips inside a mind

And down come the toppling cards.

A smile lights up a journey

And the road is not as hard


Opher 6.5.96

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