Celtarabia – Rock Beverley with their high energy performance.

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Never has Arabian music rocked so much. The dulcimer and hurdy-gurdy provide an exotic middle-eastern tone and the bass and drums drive it into another dimension. This is world-fusion that drives. You can’t keep your feet still. It’s dance heaven. But it is also music of a high calibre.

Quentin’s hurdy-gurdy is exquisite and Mandy’s dulcimer is delectable. Chill and Lou provide the drums and bass, with occasional whoops of delight, that send it cascading into powerful performance. This is great music performed by four quality musicians who are masters of their instruments. Rarely has expertise been applied into such joyous music.

This is a band you can dance or listen too with equal enjoyment. They were a pleasure to both ears and feet!

This is a blend of creativity with tunes from forever. It works superbly.

If you get the chance get along to see them.

Failing that check out their website:


and then check out Loudhailer’s website featuring Rich and Lou (two of the best):


Thanks guys!