Meetings – an extract.


Lots of little meetings make the world a safer place! We should meet everyone and share our souls. Not that we have souls as such. But we should share our personalities, hopes and inspirations. We should show each other the décor of our heads.

Mine’s adorned with chaos and love.

I’d like to surf down the sulci of your brain, along the gyri of your cerebral dreams, towards a better understanding.

I’d really like to share your smiles and leave you with more than before we met.

There are no absolute answers, no paradises to be found. We can only make it better by sharing, understanding and helping each other.

What else can there possibly be?


This is another little extract from the book ’53 and imploding’ that I am currently rewriting.

I’m beginning to think it is unpublishable for a number of reasons!

4 thoughts on “Meetings – an extract.

  1. Ahh I have been prejudiced against the word meeting by too many meetings when at work. And where we all gathered together but never really met!

    1. I know. Me the same! But those weren’t real meetings. Real meeting are when you share and enrich each other.
      Those professional meetings were bureaucratic exercises.
      I reclaim the word.

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